San Diego firefighter says he was ‘humiliated’ when forced to march in gay pride parade

From Allie Martin and One News Now.

“A captain with the San Diego Fire Department (SDFD) says he was forced to march in a homosexual pride parade after making it clear to his supervisors he wanted no part in the event.

Captain John Ghiotto has served 19 years with the SDFD and he, along with three other firemen, has taken legal action after they claim they were forced to march in the parade this past July. He appeared on Fox Network’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” along with his attorney, Charles LiMandri, where Ghiotto says the three-hour ordeal was offensive and humiliating.

“We’re in the parade and we get all these, there’s a lot of stuff going on. We’re getting a lot of verbal abuse as far as some sexual gestures toward us, and just things of that nature that we found offensive,” says Ghiotto”

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One Response to San Diego firefighter says he was ‘humiliated’ when forced to march in gay pride parade

  1. ILoveAmerica says:

    It appears that Chief Jarman’s memory is as bad as her judgement.
    Unfortunately she has just cost her city a huge settlement. Here’s how.

    It seems that last year a FEMALE fire captain COMPLAINED ABOUT LAST YEAR’S PRIDE PARADE through the official channels that she had received not only complaints from her crew about harrassment, but also received “harrassing sexually explicit material” on the doorstep of the fire station as a result of being in the parade.

    She suggests to the department that in the future they use off duty or volunteer personnel with out of service vehicles in order to avoid unwanted attention or sexually explicit brochures sent to the workplace.

    The actual document is linked below. The reporting source is

    So even though this exact situation has happened before, the fire chief chose to ignore the female captain’s written complaint and announce to the media that there had never been a complaint before and that those firemen could have ‘stepped up to the plate’ for this ‘really fun event’.

    So really these firemen had no choice but to sue. If the City is smart, they will not only apologize and pay up, they will replace their fire chief immediately.

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