Dr. William Lane Craig

Today I had the great privilege of finally meeting one of my personal heroes, Dr. William Lane Craig. 

Dr. Craig is renown as one of the greatest Christian philosophers and apologists (“defenders of the faith”) of our time.  He has debated agnostics, atheists, muslim apologists and others all over the world.  He has been on the front lines fighting for the Christian faith in the spiritual war being waged for a very long time.  All Christians owe this man a huge debt of gratitude for his efforts on our behalf.  Although he is very well known in scholarly circles, he has become more visible to the general public in recent years through the great succes of Lee Strobel’s books that he was interviewed in; The Case for Christ, The Case for a Creator and The Case for Faith.

Dr. Craig was in town to meet with Kevin Harris of the local radio station The WORD 100.7 and to record a number of podcasts for his new website, reasonablefaith.org.  Kevin teaches an apologetics class called Faith and reason at First Baptist Church of Colleyville every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.  Dr. Craig was kind enough to guest teach Kevin’s class this weekend.  I do not attend FBC Colleyville but was incredibly blessed to come across some information online mentioning Dr. Craig guest teaching this class.  I sat on the front row and Dr. Craig ended up sitting by me when he walked in.  We had a nice chat and he was very friendly and engaging.  

Dr. Craig presented the Moral Argument for God’s Existence. This argument is outlined the following way:

1. If God does not exist than objective moral values and duties do not exist.
2. Objective moral values and duties do exist.
3. Therefore, God exists.

To read more about this powerful argument for God’s existence click here.

It was an incredible experience to meet Dr. Craig.  He is a great man of God and I pray his ministry will continue to flourish.  I also pray that God will continue to bless him and his family.  

I highly recommend checking out Dr. William Lane Craig’s new website at www.reasonablefaith.org.

To check out Dr. William Lane Craig’s biography click here.

To check out Dr. William Lane Craig’s debates click here.

To make a donation to Dr. William Lane Craig’s ministry click here.

Also, I highly recommend checking out Kevin Harris’ class Faith and Reason if you are in the Colleyville , TX or surrounding area.  Kevin is a wonderful teacher and is very well versed in defending the Christian faith.   

God bless,



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