Are We Losing the Propaganda War? Textbooks and Universities (Part Two of Three)

From Tom CLaughlin and Family Security Matters.

“Islamist propaganda has a strong and widening foothold in American schools at all levels, from kindergarten through college. While this propaganda stratagem has all the earmarks of a classic enemy disinformation campaign, I didn’t realize how pervasive it actually is until I interviewed Richard Thompson, president and general counsel of the Thomas More Law Center.  The Center represented the plaintiffs in one of the earliest lawsuits to call attention to increasing Muslim influence in our public schools.

Last week’s column described what attorney Thompson told me about inroads into middle schools in our country, particularly in California; and also in New York City at the Khalil Gibran International Academy (whose principal recently has resigned under pressure from parents’ groups for not taking seriously the message behind her students wearing t-shirts with “Intifada” emblazoned across them).  This week, I report what Thompson has observed about book publishers and universities.

When I asked him how parents might monitor what is taught and who teaches it in schools, he said, “Well, right now there are several web sites out there [for information], but on a personal level, parents themselves have to look at the books – the textbooks that their children are bringing home. Then they should read about – what does it say about Islam? What does it say about Christianity? I mean there’s a bunch of propaganda going on. For instance, the textbook that was published by Houghton Mifflin [and used in California] – I mean Houghton Mifflin is a reputable publisher and [their text] was talking about how tolerant Muslims are of women. If anything, they’re probably the most intolerant when it comes to women. And, in another place in the book, they talk about how tolerant Muslims are toward Jews and Christians.” 

I had to agree with Thompson. This is flat out propaganda because it is patently false.

I told him about my visit to the Holy Land last May during which my wife and I had Palestinian Christian tour guides. They told us that Palestinian Christians had been in the majority in Bethlehem and in Nazareth for centuries, but that’s been completely reversed in just the past few years. Palestinian Christians are persecuted by Palestinian Muslims and, in great numbers, are moving away from their ancestral homelands as a direct result. Similar things are happening in many other Middle East venues as radical Islam gains strength.

“It reveals what their long-range plans are,” Thompson said, “and although they may put a friendly face right now to their activities, their ultimate aim is to become dominant, and once they become dominant, they are going to persecute every other religion.”

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