Hollywood’s Overt War Against the CIA

From Don Federer and Front Page Magazine.

 New in Theaters – “The Bourne Ultimatum:“With more than 3,600 Americans dead in Iraq – exceeding even the death toll from 9/11 – and Muslim maniacs everywhere gazing longingly at skyscrapers, Hollywood keeps telling us the only thing we have to fear is our own government.

In action films, more Americans are killed by the C.I.A., or a rogue operation thereof, than Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, airborne Saudis and every other jihadist outfit in the world – by a factor of 100.

Hollywood (America’s paranoia factory) would have us believe the real enemy is here at home – homicidal patriots who control our government and its intelligence agencies, murder Americans right and left (well, mostly left) and conspire to abolish civil liberties and usher in a national security dictatorship.”

To read more click here.


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