Why the Left’s Vision Is Blind to America’s Greatness

From Luke Sheahan and Family Security Matters.

“A few weeks ago I was in attendance at a party at a friend’s house. We were lounging in the living room and my friend, a graduate of a small conservative liberal arts college and now active in the poor neighborhoods of Philadelphia, told a story of a former professor camping near the Mexican border. He was walking from his campsite to the parking lot and three Mexicans ran over a hill in the distance. The professor thought it strange but continued toward his car. As the three men drew closer he started to jog and they began to sprint toward him. He panicked and sprinted into the parking lot with the three men close behind him. A truck just leaving the parking lot slammed on its breaks, sped back in reverse to the professor. The driver leaped from his vehicle with a rifle. The Mexicans scattered and the day was saved.

It was an amusing story that the professor swears is true. One of the other party-goers became visibly angry, red-faced and shaking as he verbally reprimanded my friend. He declared the remarks inappropriate and racist, glaring and jabbing his finger at her he emphasized, “You know it and I know it.”

Gee whiz.

My friend offered a defense. She meant no offense against Mexicans or Hispanics, but merely the illegal immigrants, who happened to be Mexican and Hispanic.  It was to no avail. He still insisted, against all reason, that her comments were bigoted. The fact of her outstanding character and charitable efforts on behalf of American minorities and her reasonable defense meant nothing. She had violated a tenet of his vision and was thrown in the same boat with the likes of David Duke and Adolf Hitler—literally, that’s what being racist means.

The fact that citizens of Mexico differ in skin color from the majority of Americans is only incidental to the fact that many of them enter the country illegally, compromising our cultural institutions, our educational system, and ultimately our national security. The blessing of American geographic peculiarities disallows us from sharing a major border with any other country that gives us immigration problems. If the country south of the American border was, say, France and Frenchman in black berets regularly crossed our borders illegally then the story would have clearly been about them. Being white, presumably there would have been no accusations of racism. Or would the name-calling have simply varied in name? Instead of “racist” maybe it would be “xenophobe”?

In college I witnessed a similar event at one of the student organization fairs where all the registered student groups and university departments set up tables, so their services and activities can get free exposure to thousands of students. A young lady (maybe I shouldn’t call her a “lady”) and member of one of the pro-abortion groups approached the ROTC table, called the young men attending it “baby-killers” and stormed off. The irony of an abortion advocate calling American servicemen “baby-killers” seemed lost on her.”

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