The Fate of the Family and the Future of the Church

From Al Mohler and

“Is the future of our congregations tied to the fate of the family? Professor W. Bradford Wilcox of the University of Virginia is sure that this is so, and his research and analysis is impossible to ignore. In his essay, “As the Family Goes,” published in First Things, Wilcox argues that the future of America’s Christian congregations will “rise and fall with the fortunes of the intact, married family.”

His analysis is drawn from mountains of statistical research combined with a keen understanding of how both families and congregations actually work. The best predictor of church attendance for young adults is marriage. Wilcox cites Princeton sociologist Robert Wuthnow’s report that decreases in marriage and childbearing among young adults were “by far the strongest predictors” of a decline in religious attendance. As a matter of fact, Wuthnow argues that American churches would now have 6.3 million more young adults attending if marriage and childbearing rates had not fallen so precipitously.”

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