Finding Faith on the Campaign Trail

From Nathan Tabor and Townhall.

“The 2008 election is already emerging as a faith-filled affair—if you are to believe the rhetoric coming out of some candidate camps this campaign season.

The Democratic candidates for President in particular are attempting to be “born again” in the media spotlight. This phenomenon appears to be the direct result of the success of “values voters” at the polls. These “values voters” are sincere Americans who believe quite strongly that public policy should reflect traditional values such as love of God, love of family, and love of country.

But an interesting thing appears to be happening on the way to the candidate altar call. As the president of Prison Fellowship Ministries, Mark Earley, has pointed out, there’s something amiss when candidates talk about God in one breath and killing God’s children through abortion in the next. ”

To read more click here.


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