LA Times, College Professor Show Hatred for Bush – Again

From Jason Rantz and Family Security Matters.

Why should an art professor be proselytizing far Left Bush hatred to his students? FSM Contributing Editor Jason Rantz has revealed a series of disturbing trends toward political indoctrination on American campuses. Now, he exposes the LA Times as a willing accomplice. 

“Something I hate more than the New York Times is the Los Angeles Times. Something I hate more than the LA Times is a professor who puts his or her politics and personal beliefs over the proper curriculum of the class. What I hate the most is when a major liberal propagandist newspaper celebrates selfish professors who bring their politics into a classroom that isn’t supposed to be about politics. Unfortunately, that’s what the LA Times did this past weekend.  


In an op-ed piece for the newspaper, Steve Brodner, an art professor from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, reprinted five Bush-hating art pieces his students created for his course – not a single piece that isn’t hatefully critical of Bush and the war. According to his piece, and as reprinted by Newsbusters:


The pieces reprinted here — including one I did myself — are the result of a group project I assigned. I felt that while they were in my class, students should focus on what I believe to be the most urgent issue of our time: the Iraq war. (Emphasis added)


Ironically, the students shouldn’t focus on what should be the most urgent issue in an art class – the ability of actually composing art that will get students jobs and publications. He goes on to discuss the curriculum of this section of this art class:


I broke down the war into key historical events and let the students choose the ones they would illustrate.


What is Brodner’s expertise that allows him to teach a class on international politics? Art. Cartooning. Drawing pictures and coloring them in. Looking at things, finding the lines and shadows, and copying them onto a sheet of paper. Now, this is quite difficult and I mean absolutely no offense to artists out there. Even with a ruler, I find it difficult to draw a straight line. But, the same way I am not qualified to teach an art class, this professor is not qualified to teach a class discussing the “most urgent issue of our time.” Though, to his credit, he’s not teaching anything, but propagandizing.


Newsbusters also makes an interesting point:


Isn’t art supposed to be the ultimate in free expression? Shouldn’t artists focus on what they feel are the most important things in their lives? But here’s a teacher assigning his students to paint the war because he has decided it’s “the most urgent issue.”


On topics like these – when I’m upset that an unqualified professor preaches instead of teaches – I get plenty of emails saying that I do not support free speech or academic freedom and that I just want professors to teach conservative values. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

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One Response to LA Times, College Professor Show Hatred for Bush – Again

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