Texas Church Attacked Over Memorial Service

From Free Market.

“After the brother of a church employee recently passed away, High Point Church in Arlington , Tx. offered to hold a memorial service for the deceased.  However, after the deceased’s family demanded the service be performed by a gay preacher, feature a gay choir and contain a video presentation celebrating homosexual images, the church cancelled the ceremony.  The cancellation was due to conviction that celebrating homosexuality is contradictory to the church’s Biblical beliefs.  Out of encouragement for the family and love, the church said it would pay for the memorial at another venue.  The media decided to overlook this gesture and the church’s stance, and instead lambasted the church as ungracious.  Please send a letter of encouragement addressed to: High Point Church at PO Box 150478 Arlington , TX 76015 .”


2 Responses to Texas Church Attacked Over Memorial Service

  1. Andrew says:

    Please explain what this means: “a video presentation celebrating homosexual images”

    What images are you talking about?

  2. Chris says:

    I have not seen the video so I cannot comment. You need to touch base with those who have seen the video and wrote the article.

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