What Would Newton and Luther Do?

From Chuck Colson and Breakpoint Ministries.“Last month, our bloggers at The Point came across two seemingly unrelated news stories that had one important thing in common. Both were by writers who claimed that a prominent figure from the past would have been on their side of current debates—flying in the face of what those historical figures actually said.

The first story was by Professor Mary Zeiss Stange of Skidmore College. In USA Today, she asked, “What would Luther do” about same-sex marriage if he were alive today? Stange brushed off what Luther actually wrote about homosexuality. Based on “the way his theological mind worked,” and the way he revolutionized his era, Stange assured her readers that “a 21st century Luther would surely recognize that the few biblical proscriptions against ‘sodomy’ . . . should not bar the loving union of two gay or lesbian persons.”

In other words, the writer deliberately ignored what Luther fervently believed, and assumed that his beliefs were shaped not by the Scripture he revered so highly and risked his life for, but by the times. Such audacity is breathtaking. But Stange isn’t the only one to indulge in it.”

To read more click here.


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