From Contender Ministries.

The rapid spread of humanism in our country is due in large part to the humanist indoctrination our children receive in the public school system. This infusion of humanist propaganda is well known in our colleges and universities, but actually starts well before then, in the elementary schools.

In the interest of “diversity” and “tolerance”, our elementary students are being forced to study non-Christian religions such as Islam. They are restricted from sharing the gospel with friends at school, but are learning about Mohammed, the Quran, and the 5 pillars of Islam. They are being taught that there truly is no right or wrong. They are being subjected to moral relativism that teaches that what is “bad” to one person, is good for another person based on differences in cultural background. In the interests of “tolerance”, they are told not to judge these people, and recognize that calling something bad, wrong, or immoral, is being intolerant and divisive.

As our children grow older, and start to learn about science, they are taught that all life and all creation is just a wonderful accident. Teachers, even if they wanted to, could not discuss the scientific evidence of a divine creation. They must teach our children that out of nothing came an entire universe and incredibly complex biological organisms (humans, for example). These students learn that God does not exist, and that humans have not only evolved to what we are now, but we will continue to evolve in more spiritual ways.

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