Ministry focuses on making Christians relevant in modern culture

From Allie Martin and One News Now.

“A retired pastor is encouraging Christians to have an influence in the marketplace, and urging the church in America to return to a first-century Christian worldview.

Dr. Bob Shearer is founder of Kingdom Business, a marketplace ministry that seeks to expand the influence of the church throughout society. Dr. Shearer, a Vietnam veteran who pastored churches for more than three decades, says the church in America must do a better job of impacting society.

“We’re not a Judeo-Christian culture in America,” he says. “I’m afraid we’re operating under a false assumption, if that’s what people believe. We’re as close to a Greco-Roman culture as the Apostle Paul was dealing with.”

But Shearer says many believers are realizing the church is not having the impact it once had on society and are doing something about it. “It’s motivating people to realize that we have to become more relevant,” he observes. “We have to build relational units in the marketplace, whether they are Bible studies or prayer groups or perhaps just simply some kind of a support network in the offices or schools.”

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