The Moral Argument for God’s Existence

An excellent article by Dr. Paul Copan explaining The Moral Argument for God’s existence.  Dr. Copan’s website is a tremendous resource for those interested in many different philosophical issues related to the Christian faith.  I highly recommend checking it out.  It is located at

By Paul Copan

“Philosopher John Rist is right; there is “widely admitted to be a crisis in contemporary Western debate about ethical foundations.”1  It seems that, ultimately, the crisis is the result of approaching ethics without reference to God.  When morality is severed from its theological roots, secular ethics cannot sustain itself – it withers and dies.

I can only sketch out a brief defense of the connection between God and objective moral values (which I have done more extensively elsewhere).2  I will argue that if objective moral values exist, then God exists; objective moral values do exist; therefore, God exists.  To resolve our ethics crisis, we must recognize the character of a good God (in whose image valuable humans have been made) as the necessary foundation of ethics, human rights, and human dignity.”

To read the full argument click here.


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