Perspectives: What’s a family?

From Marcia Segelstein and One News Now.

“Why do we find ourselves debating the definition of the word “family” at this point in the history of mankind? How is it that for centuries, people didn’t find it necessary to question, or discuss ad nauseam, what that simple word means?

When my children were young enough to watch Sesame Street, I was always struck by the lyrics to one of the show’s regular songs, which went something like this: a family is any group of people living together, loving each other. Were the lyricists former flower children of the 60s who didn’t believe in marriage and other such cultural constraints? I doubt many children got the message, but what the heck were they talking about? Experimental group living arrangements such as kibbutzim in Israel were a dismal failure. And I doubt young children whose single mothers host temporary live-in boyfriends would feel very comforted to know that these men were — at least while they were around — family.

These days it seems to be another group of counter-culturalists interested in messing with the word “family.”

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One Response to Perspectives: What’s a family?

  1. Young single mothers are just like any other teens. They eat poorly, sometimes drink, or smoke. They’re influenced by peer pressure to become sexually active and then when they become pregnant, those same influences can be damaging to her child. After the baby is born a young single mother and friends may part ways. The mother may face alienation and ridicule from the same friends that helped to influence the same behavior that got her in trouble.

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