CNN Headline News Interviews Mathew Staver About New Jersey Threatening Church For Not Allowing Lesbian Ceremony

From Liberty Counsel.

“Tonight, Mathew Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law, is scheduled to appear on CNN News live during the evening news show “Prime News”, which starts at 5 p.m. ET.

The discussion will involve an unbelievable situation with a church in New Jersey. The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, a ministry of the United Methodist Church, owns a beachside facility used for church services, gospel concerts, Bible studies and weddings.

Two lesbian women wanted to rent the facility from the ministry for a civil union ceremony, but were turned away because church doctrine prohibits civil union ceremonies. The women complained to the state that the church was violating state anti-discrimination laws, and the state started an investigation.

If same-sex marriage continues to spread throughout the Nation, more persecution of Christians and interference with churches will also continue to spread. It’s time that people who treasure Christian values take a stand and take back America from the secularists who want to silence people of faith.

God’s Christian Warriors Airs Again On CNN

In case you missed the CNN program last night on God’s Christian Warriors or failed to tape it, it will re-airs from 1-3 am Sunday. The entire 6 hour series, including two hour segments on the Jewish and Muslim religion, starts at 9:00 pm. ET Saturday.

The first 19 minutes of last night’s two hour program featured late Rev. Jerry Falwell, Mathew Staver and Megan and Mandy Chapman, twin sisters represented by Liberty Counsel in a graduation prayer case against the ACLU.

After watching the program, we believe people will be encouraged to get involved in making an impact for Christ in society. CNN did a good job in putting the series together. Last night’s program presented a fair picture of the impact of faith on the culture.

Please join with us and protect religious freedom. Your monthly commitment of $10, $50, $100 or more can help.”


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