Clergy forum to discuss ‘Can you be gay and Christian?’

From Jim Brown and One News Now.

“Can practicing Christians practice homosexuality? A North Carolina pastor is inviting homosexual clergy in the greater Charlotte area to a debate on that very subject.

Dr. Michael Brown of FIRE Church in Concord will be hosting a “public dialogue” September 20 on the Bible and homosexuality. Brown said he decided to hold the event after he learned that many homosexuals who attend an annual “gay pride” event in Charlotte claim to be Christians.

“Last year, they gave out thousands of what they called ‘baggies of truth’ with literature explaining why you can be Christian and a practicing homosexual,” says Brown. “This year, they plan to have their ‘Truth Booth’ again, and I read an article in a gay newspaper explaining what their plan was — and I felt we have to have a response.”

Brown says that he “sought the Lord” as to what his response should be, and felt “the best thing to do was put the issues on the table and say, ‘Listen, Jesus said whoever has the truth comes into the light.'”

The North Carolina pastor says he wants to “break a wall down” because many people in the church are afraid to even reach out to homosexuals.”

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