Hollywood and Their Hatred of God

From Ray Comfort and Christian Worldview Network.

“Few could deny that Hollywood has become a modern day Sodom. It is an evil that has been responsible for destroying this country’s moral foundations. It is responsible for promoting alcohol, tobacco[1] and illicit drugs, for mocking the gospel[2], aggressively promoting the homosexual agenda, promoting unspeakable violence[3], adultery, rape, blasphemy, lying, greed, and every evil possible[4].           

Hollywood has set its own standard and become a law to itself. It answers to no-one and rules as the only potentate. Its says, Thou shalt commit adultery, lie, steal, kill, blaspheme and covet. It’s first and greatest commandment is Thou shalt have any other gods before the God of the Bible.            

Jody Eldred is an Emmy-Award-winning producer-director. He said,  “Did you know that nine out of ten Hollywood films lose money? Did you know that the vast majority of new television shows are cancelled because no one is watching them? Do you wonder why?” The obvious answer, says Eldred, is “because they’re mostly awful.” But why are they awful? “Because,” notes Eldred, “the people creating them are completely out of touch with the people they are creating them for! Their worldview is vastly different from the worldview of most Americans. We have a largely Christian nation, but Hollywood is largely un-Christian, and in many if not most cases, anti-Christian. They’re not just out of touch. They’re against you![5]”             

Biblical Christianity is anathema in Hollywood because those who truly love the God of Scripture will no longer show up at the box office to pay for movies that glorify that which is abhorrent to Him. Hollywood’s income is built on the things that it loves–lawlessness, adultery, lust, fornication, violence and greed, and as long as this world is kept from turning to God, it will continue to pay Hollywood its dues.              

If an actor becomes involved in Scientology, Kabala, Buddhism, atheism or any strange religion, he or she will have Hollywood’s blessing. However, if he or she is genuinely converted to Jesus Christ, they have sinned in Hollywood’s eyes, and his or her career may face the death sentence.” 

What should you do?

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