What is Beyond Gay Marriage?

From Gary Randall and Faith and Freedom Network and Foundation.

“When we said civil unions, domestic partnerships and reciprocal benefits were a stepping stone toward gay marriage, the homosexual leadership, including elected officials said, “No, we only want equal benefits – we want equality.”

A majority of the Washington State Legislators believed them, supported them and gave in to them. The Governor and her allies rejoiced with hands in the air.

That very day, Senator Ed Murray, and other homosexual leaders said, “Oh no, this is not the prize – we won’t be happy until we have gay marriage.”

Indeed, domestic partnerships were not just about equality – it was a stepping stone.

We have been calling gay marriage, among other things, “a slippery-slope.” Homosexual advocates have been calling us bigots and alarmists. We have been saying that gay marriage is a break from traditional, biblical principles – principles that have served our society well. In fact, that model has served the human race well for more than 5,000 years.

We have also been saying, in the strongest terms, that gay marriage will lead to polygamy and polyamory – the union of three or more persons in a sexual partnership. Their real intentions are becoming clear.

I strongly recommend that you take a moment and read the balance of this blog and read the links we provide. There is compelling evidence as to “What is Beyond Gay Marriage?”

In 2003, Stanley Kurtz, writing for The Weekly Standard said, “After gay marriage, what will become of marriage itself?” He asked if gay marriage would undermine family life. (Read article).

The media then, as now, was labeling resistance to gay marriage as homophobia. The media and the gay activists were treating the push for gay marriage as merely an advance for civil rights.

Andrew Sullivan, considered to be an intelligent advocate for gay marriage, told the 1996 Congressional Hearings on the Defense of Marriage Act that he thought the idea of the slippery-slope was fear-mongering and likened it to the idea that inter-racial marriages would lead to birth defects.

Defenders of traditional marriage have continued to sound the alarm and the advocates have continued to slander them.

Scholars like Hadley Arkes and Robert P. George said, “By rejecting the grounding foundation of marriage – the unique psychosomatic unity possible only between one man and one woman in conjugal sex – the state would lose the principled basis for refusing to recognize polygamous (one man to multiple women) or even polyamorous (multiple men to multiple women, i.e. group) marriages.” (Read article).”

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2 Responses to What is Beyond Gay Marriage?

  1. Dan says:

    How is gay marriage a slippery slope? Are gays going to make straight people like me gay? Heck no!

  2. Chris says:

    Thank you for your comments. Although, judging from your comments you did not read the article. Please read the article in the future before commenting.


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