Religion Does Have a Role in the Life of Our Nation

From Colonel Kenneth Allard and Family Security Matters.

“Current PC dogma dictates that religion has absolutely no place in the public square. Yet FSM Contributing Editor Col. Kenneth Allard (US Army, Ret.) believes interfaith cooperation could do much to stop Islamic fundamentalism, as well as improve society overall. What do you think?”

“Is there a place for God in America’s national life? Are spiritual values and religious convictions still a part of who we are as a people? Or have we become so diverse, so politically correct and so self-obsessed that these ideals have become historical baggage, no longer needed by a sophisticated, multicultural society?

Those are admittedly odd questions as we approach another day of remembrance – of the events of 9/11 and the start of our prolonged War of Uneven Sacrifice. Terrible as they are, wars used to confirm who the nation really was and what we truly believed about ourselves. But in this one, we were called neither to repentance nor to commitment, but to re-double our patronage of the shopping malls.

The Iron Law of Me First is so widely assumed that any mention of God in the public square – and especially the media – risks incurring the wrath of the PC police. When “ABC News” anchor Robin Roberts recently returned to television after surviving breast cancer, the reunion was understandably poignant. But when she blurted out the words, “Thank you, Jesus!” on the air, my immediate concern was that Robin might have beaten cancer only to wind up being fired for Aggravated Spirituality With Intent to Believe.

Ironically, one of the few media personalities to get away with discussing religion in any depth is Christopher Hitchens, avowed atheist and author of “God Is Not Great.” But at least with Hitchens you get literate, well-constructed arguments and consistency. Indeed, his contrarian support of the Iraq war reflects the very secular conviction that Islamic fanaticism needs to be stopped as decisively as Nazism and Communism – and for many of the same reasons.”

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