San Francisco … ‘No’ to Marines, ‘Yes’ to debauchery

From Jim Brown, Chad Groening, and Jody Brown and

“Conservative activists devoted to countering the homosexual agenda say it’s a sad state for America when a major U.S. city bans the U.S. Marines from filming a recruiting commercial, but is permitting absolute debauchery to take place this weekend.

The Silent Drill Platoon of the U.S. Marine Corps has been touring the country shooting a commercial called “America’s Marines,” with stops in October planned for Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, and Arizona. Recently, the unit was filmed marching in the heart of Times Square in New York City during the morning rush hour. But when a request was made to film a segment along California Street in San Francisco, the city’s Film Commission told the Marines no, saying “traffic control was the issue.”

According to KGO in San Francisco, Film Commission executive director Stefanie Coyote would only allow the Marine’s production crew to film on California Street if there were no Marines in the picture. The crew ended up filming the empty street and will have to superimpose the Marines later.

The city’s denial of the Marines’ Silent Drill Platoon has angered local conservatives and military veterans, as well as several pro-family leaders, among them Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality. LaBarbera says traffic control does not appear to be a problem for an event known as the “Folsom Street Fair,” taking place in the City by the Bay this weekend.

“They can’t make room for the Marines to film in the city — and yet they can manage to clear off several city blocks for a street fair that celebrates the most heinous perversions known to man,” says an exasperated LaBarbera. “It’s incredible the priorities of politically correct San Francisco.”

LaBarbera, who once covered the Folsom Street Fair for a publication monitoring the homosexual movement, says San Francisco is a city that is in a state of “moral anarchy.”

“It’s a street festival blocked off by the police, and it’s just incredible. You wouldn’t believe it unless you actually saw it,” he explains. “There are people whipping each other on the streets. It’s a celebration of sadomasochistic perversion.” And it is like any other street fair with city blocks blocked off, he says — except for one major difference. “This one is dedicated to perversion,” he shares. “You see men walking around barely clad or semi-nude; we have documented evidence of sex acts on the street.”

According to LaBarbera, the event is “San Francisco shaking its fist at God” — and it is all about the homosexual agenda.”

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