Ben Stein Confronts Dominance of Darwinian Thought in New Film

From Katherine T. Phan and

Intelligent Design vs. Darwinism

“You may have seen him on commercials for Visine eye drops but in his new documentary, television personality Ben Stein aims to help his audience clear their viewpoints on the debate between Intelligent Design and Darwinism.

In Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Stein – who has also worked as a lawyer, an economist, an author and social commentator – embarks on a journey across the globe to answer the long disputed question “Were we designed or are we simply the end result of an ancient mud puddle struck by lightning?”

The film, slated for a February 2008 release, highlights the long-standing controversial debate between supporters of Darwinism, which suggests the universe was created by chance, and Intelligent Design, which argues that the creation of life and the universe are results of an intelligent “designer.”

Through interviews with representatives from both sides of the debate, Stein found out that educators and scientists are being ridiculed, denied tenure and even fired in some cases for the fact that they believe there is evidence of “design” in nature, challenging the idea that life is a result of random chance, according to a news release.

“There are people out there who want to keep science in a little box where it can’t possibly touch God,” said Stein in the film’s trailer. “Scientists are not even allowed to think thoughts that involve an intelligent creator.”

For example, one biologist who allowed a peer-reviewed research paper describing the evidence for intelligence in the universe to be published in a scientific journal was the target of a smear and intimidation campaign by National Center for Science Education and the Smithsonian Institution, where he was a fellow, to get him expelled from his position. Flagged as egregious, the attack prompted a congressional investigation.

In another case, Caroline Crocker, a biology teacher at George Mason University who was forced out of the university for briefly discussing problems with Darwinian Theory and for telling the students that some scientists believe there is evidence of intelligent design in the universe.

“If you just stand up and question Darwinism – that’s it – your career is over,” Crocker said the film’s trailer.

According to Stein, the suppression and silencing of those who reference evidence of intelligent design is where “Big Science in this area of biology has lost its way.”

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