McCain’s Straight Talk on Core Belief

From the Family Research Council.

“Over the past few days some of the usual suspects in our nation’s debates over religion and politics have lambasted Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for saying in an interview that he would prefer that the U.S. President be a Christian. Specifically, McCain reportedly told, “I just have to say in all candor that since this nation was founded primarily on Christian principles … personally, I prefer someone who I know . . . has a solid grounding in my faith.” McCain has been harshly, and unfairly, criticized for the remarks, and most of the criticism, ironically enough, has come from a chorus of groups that have over the years raised divisive, identity-group politics to an art form. These are the same folks who write breathless editorials wondering when our nation will elect its first “woman President,” as if that should be an overriding consideration – to somehow make history, rather than lead the nation in the right direction. McCain clearly prefers a leader who thinks, as the overwhelmingly Christian founders of this nation did, that our rights – to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – are gifts from God. He is speaking a core truth about the origin of human rights. These rights include religious liberty, and it is no accident that essentially Christian nations first enshrined this insight into their basic law.”


2 Responses to McCain’s Straight Talk on Core Belief

  1. rightwingdog says:

    McCain sure does know how to say the wrong thing at the wrong time doesn’t he. It is almost like Joe Biden.
    I am a Republican and a christian but I am not a McCain supporter.
    I do not believe he can handle the position. I know i get flack when I say that BUT it is my feeling.
    I respect his war record and the work he has done in Arizona. I have not in the past thought him a Presidental candidate nor do I now.
    Religious liberty has absolutely nothing to do with McCain’s statement.



  2. Chris says:

    What is wrong with his statement? Please explain.

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