Sen. Clinton’s ‘Edge’ Cuts Deeply


“Today in Washington, Senator Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) took aim at President Bush‘s restrictions on government funding of embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) that destroys human life, indicating that if she became president, she would certainly overturn the restrictions. In prepared remarks for a speech today at the Carnegie Institution for Science, Senator Clinton said, “For six and half years under this president, it’s been open season on open inquiry. By ignoring or manipulating science, the Bush administration is letting our economic competitors get an edge in the global economy. I believe we have to change course, and I know America is ready.” What Senator Clinton failed to mention is the cost that such a change of course would inflict upon our nation’s conscience. Senator Clinton‘s utilitarian approach to science is both unethical and misleading. Not only would the use of public monies to fund embryonic stem cell research be a poor economic decision (ESCR has yet to produce any tangible results), it would also detract from the funding of successful, ethical research on adult stem cells. The “edge” that Senator Clinton seeks by planning to lift ESCR funding restrictions would cut deeply into our wallets and–more importantly–into the lives of our country’s most vulnerable human beings.”


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