Attorney says Muslims’ demands part of a larger humanist plan

From Rusty Pugh and One News Now.

“An advocate for removing Christian children from the public schools says a situation in an Illinois school is the latest example of a long-running campaign by secular humanists aiming to remove any vestige of Christian belief from public schools.

Officials in some Oak Lawn, Illinois, schools are now considering eliminating holiday festivities — including Christmas — after a Muslim parent complained that the activities are offensive. This has ignited a firestorm of protests from other parents, outraged that long-held traditions were in danger of being axed in the name of political correctness. The tension was already high in Ridgeland School District 122, because certain items had been eliminated from the school cafeteria menu due to complaints from Muslims.

Bruce Shortt is an attorney and strong advocate for a public school exodus. He says the Oak Lawn developments are significant because they show the increased accommodation of Muslim demands in the country’s public schools. But he says there is much more to this story.

“I think it would be a mistake to look at it simply as a story about the impact of Islam on public schools. Our secular humanists in this country have been very effective in eliminating Christmas from schools across the nation,” he states.

Shortt says it is very naive to neglect the fact that Muslim and other anti-Christian demands are being accommodated, while every vestige of Christianity is being systematically removed from public schools and from the public square.”


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