Nation’s top Democrat defends banning God

From American Family Association.

The nation’s number one Democrat, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, is defending the banning of religious references on certificates issued by the Architect of the Capitol.

An Eagle Scout asked that a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol be sent to his grandfather, along with a certificate bearing the message: In honor of my grandfather Marcel Larochelle, and his dedication and love of God, country, and family.

Stephen Ayers, the Architect of the Capitol, banned the use of the word God in the certificate issued for the Eagle Scout. Ayers, serving in a low-level, non-elected position, claims he has the authority to ban the word God from the certificate. This is the first time ever for the Architect of the Capitol to ban religious references. Ayers said he banned the word God because someone might be offended.

Pelosi defended Ayers decision to ban all religious references.  Several legislators signed a letter to Pelosi asking that Ayers censorship be stopped. The Architect’s policy is in direct conflict with his charge, as well as the scope of his office and brings into question his ability to preserve a building containing many national religious symbols, the legislators said in the letter.

Instead of stopping the censorship, Pelosi defended it. It’s not about being anti-religion, Pelosi said. It is just about what the Architect thought was appropriate for him to proclaim in a certificate. By saying such, Pelosi approved the banning of religious references by Ayers.

To read the Cleveland, Ohio, Plain Dealer blog on this, click here.

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Take Action

Click here to send an e-mail to Speaker Pelosi asking that she put an end to the censorship by the Architect of the Capitol.

Please forward this to friends and family and ask them to send the e-mail to Speaker Pelosi.

After you have sent the e-mail, make a phone call to Speaker Pelosi’s office asking her to stop the censorship. Please be polite. Her direct number is 202-225-0100.


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