“Science Must Ultimately Destroy Organized Religion”

From Gil Dodgen and Uncommon Descent.

“This is the wisdom promulgated by the “new atheists” at a recent conference.

From the cnsnews.com article: “Science must ultimately destroy organized religion, according to some of the leading atheist writers and intellectuals who spoke at a recent atheist conference in Northern Virginia.”

They might as well dream of destroying humankind’s urge to eat.

Here’s the irony: Modern science is making belief in God ever more rational and reasonable, not destroying it. As a former atheist, I can say that science has made it possible for me to be an intellectually fulfilled Christian. I would be curious to know what the relative contemporary conversion rates are for atheist to theist as opposed to theist to atheist, especially on the basis of modern scientific discoveries.

In 1998 I read a book by Patrick Glynn, a Harvard Ph.D. who abandoned his atheism primarily as a result of evidence. The book is titled, “God: The Evidence — The Reconciliation of Faith and Reason in a Postsecular World.” Glynn comments: “The ‘death of God’ had been based on a fundamental misinterpretation of the nature of the universe, on a very partial and flawed picture that science had come up with by the late nineteenth century. Now that picture was being replaced by a new one, vastly more complex — and decisively more compatible with the notion that the universe had been designed by an intelligent Creator.”

Another irony is that Dawkins abandoned his faith on the basis of Darwinism, which turns out not to explain what he thinks it does. It is materialism/atheism that requires blind faith in the face of evidence, not theism.”


One Response to “Science Must Ultimately Destroy Organized Religion”

  1. lowerpericles says:

    Atheism is problematic.

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