Disney Bans God From “The Ten Commandments” Movie Ads

From Liberty Counsel.

“We were stunned when we learned that Radio Disney has required that the words “chosen by God” be removed from advertising it airs to promote the new Promenade Pictures film, The Ten Commandments. The ads originally stated that Moses was “chosen by God.” An email from Radio Disney to a media buyer about requiring the censorship is posted online at www.LC.org.

On its website, Radio Disney promotes other movies with references to mythical gods, Tiki gods, Navaho gods and animal gods. Radio Disney claims to be the “ultimate music environment for kids and families.” Their actions offends families who believe that Moses was chosen by the God of the Bible.

Read our News Release for details about this great movie and for more information on Promenade Pictures and its leadership team, Frank Yablans and Cindy Bond. We had the pleasure of meeting Cindy Bond at a church showing on Saturday and were impressed by her sincere commitment to bringing positive Biblically-based films to Hollywood.

Frank Yablans, CEO of Promenade Pictures, reported to Liberty Counsel, “We were told to delete the reference that Moses was ‘Chosen by God.’ Who does Disney Radio think chose Moses – Tinkerbell?”

The Ten Commandments will start showing in theaters nationwide on October 19. It has already been previewed on Daystar satellite television network and in more than 70 churches. The previews start with Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mathew D. Staver appearing in a 3-minute video explaining the importance of the Ten Commandments. We encourage you to show your support for the Ten Commandments by going to see it as soon as it comes to your community.

Liberty Counsel is launching a petition drive to ask Radio Disney to stop its ridiculous censorship of the word “God.” Be sure to check our website at www.LC.org sometime tomorrow for details! Pass this email to your entire address book. ”

Watch Liberty Counsel’s 3-minute video on the importance of the Ten Commandments.

See the email from Disney that required censorship of “chosen by God.”

Watch the movie trailer.


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