ENDA Scheduled in U.S. House This Week: Texas Democrats Are Key Votes

From Free Market Foundation.

“Rep. Barney Frank has proposed a new version of ENDA (H.R. 3685) that is scheduled for mark-up in the House Committee on Education and Labor this Thursday! 

ENDA requires employers to hire, compensate and show special treatment to employees based on over 30 kinds of sexual orientation (CLICK to read). 

Rep. Frank claims H.R. 3685 is less-controversial and more likely to pass because it has a strong religious exemption and no longer includes protections based on gender identity, but only sexual orientation.  HOWEVER, this is false assurance for the Christian community.    

–The religious exemption only protects groups that are wholly or substantially controlled by religious denominations; Christian businesses, publishing houses and even schools would still be required to hire those engaged in homosexual behavior.

–Taking out the words gender identity does not fix the problem.  If you are an employer and you choose not to hire a cross-dresser, you could be sued for perceiving the person was gay and discriminating against their sexual orientation.  (CLICK HERE to read the argument)

ENDA treats people unequally under the law

ENDA opposes Christian conviction and religious freedom

ENDA is bad for businesses

Three Texas Democrats are Key Votes on this House Committee!  Your Voice Could Make a Difference!  Call Today and Urge Them to Oppose H.R. 3685 

Nick Lampson     ( Houston , Stafford )

Solomon Ortiz    ( Corpus Christi )

Ruben Hinojosa ( Edinburg , Beeville)



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