Children given birth control in middle school

From Gary Randall and the Faith and Freedom Network and Foundation.

“Pupils at King Middle School in Portland, Maine will now be able to get birth control pills and patches following a decision by the school board this past Wednesday evening.

There are several schools in Washington State that have the same policy. While I was on the air on KVI Radio this morning with Kirby and Crew, we were told that KOMO Radio, a sister station to KVI, is looking into this matter today and has already found at least three schools in Seattle that have the same policy. I’m sure there will be more.

While we have not had time to review the policies of the Washington schools as of this morning, we are doing it and will report back.

We are verifying but believe it is accurate, that these middle schools have the same policy: Denny, Madison and Wilson. We are certain there are more.

If you know of schools that have this policy please contact me by email and let me know. We are compiling a list and will publish it on this web site.

The chairman of the Portland, Maine school board, John Coyne, who opposes the new policy, told AP that “people I associate with look at me like, are you guys crazy?” (Read article.)

They may be.

Will this school take full responsibility when these children contract STDs while using what they have been taught is “safe sex” birth control?

It is illegal to have sex in Maine if you are under the age of 14. If one of the 11, 12, or 13-year-old students comes to the school clinic and asks for a condom or a patch because they are having sex, will the school report them to legal authorities because they are having sex and they are under 14? If they will, then why are they so intent on adopting this policy when nearly all middle school students are between the ages of 11 and 13?

Keep in mind, the students need their parents to sign a permission slip for them to use the school clinic for any reason—like a head ache or upset tummy. However, once the permission slip is signed neither the school nor the student is required to report to parents when the student gets birth control.

Coyne said a physically mature, savvy 11-year-old could get the birth control once the permission slip is signed to use the center. “I think she could navigate the system” he said.

The school is essentially enabling sexual activity because, as most adults know, provision is most always perceived by kids as permission.

It seems to me that too many public schools have become social experimentation clubs with the NEA and the ACLU acting as deejays.

It also seems to me that some public schools are fixated on eroding parental control of their own children. One wonders why,

Parents: Never cease to be vigilant.”


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  1. dee says:

    Here is another great column on the subject. Check it out.

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