City Penalizes Boy Scouts Over Gay Ban

From Dr. Gary Randall and the Faith and Freedom Network and Foundation.

The Philadelphia Enquirer is reporting that the city of Philadelphia has penalized the Boy Scouts by raising their rent from $1 per year to $200,000 per year.

Incidentally, the Enquirer is reporting this morning, that a Boy Scout troop came to the rescue of a woman who had fallen while hiking over the week end. The eight scouts built a stretcher from tree branches and their sweatshirts and carried the woman three miles to medical help. (Read article).

The Boy Scouts were notified that if they were to stay in their present headquarters building, they will now have to pay “fair market” rent.

The Scouts have occupied their present facility since 1928. The city says they can no longer rent a taxpayer-owned property for one dollar to a private organization that discriminates. The land is owned by the city and the building was built by the scouts.

The problem, they say, is that the scouts affirm duty to God and will not let openly homosexual men lead their troops.

With the flurry of so-called “hate crimes” bills that are being passed, the law will fall on the side of the city.

What is getting little to no mention in the press is that one of the people leading this move to penalize the scouts is City Solicitor, Romulo L. Diaz, Jr. Diaz is an outspoken leader and activist in the local homosexual community.

While it can be said that he is merely doing his job, there are some in the city who feel that this is a case of “selective enforcement.” Some also feel it could be an act of retribution.

This same city council oversees the failure to enforce immigration laws, en masse, and along with their mayor, are wringing their collective hands over how to deal with the high murder rate in the city.

Perhaps now that they have executed the letter-of-the-law regarding the scouts, they can turn their attention to other things.

As the scouts creatively built a stretcher out of tree limbs and sweatshirts yesterday, I’m sure they will certainly find a way to come up with the additional $200,000.

There is an old saying, “no good deed goes unpunished.” One wonders if that would apply here.”
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