Larry Cirignano Triumphs Over ACLU Bullying and Phony Charges

From Jay and

“In a nutshell, here is what happened. had scheduled a pro-marriage rally for Saturday, December 16, 2006 in front of Worcester City Hall. The organization had all the proper permits to do so. However, homosexual activists, including Board Member of the ACLU Sarah Loy, decided that free speech is only a one-way street, and came to stop them. When the homosexual activists showed up to disrupt without any proper permits, the police told them that they had to leave that area, and could demonstrate on the nearby sidewalk. The activists later pushed their way back into the center of the crowd where they continued to heckle the crowd. After what the jury found to be her tripping and falling, Sarah Loy decided to make up phony charges and accuse Larry Cirignano of pushing her down following it up with a civil rights suit.

The event via Mass Resistance:

According to six eyewitnesses we spoke to, Sarah Loy walked through the crowd, stood almost directly in front of the podium (see photo at top of page), held up a pro-homosexual marriage sign, and began yelling at the rally attendees, disrupting the event. Larry Cirignano looked around and could not see any police. Holding his clipboard in one hand, he walked up to Loy and led her away from the podium and towards the crowd, then turned around and came back. Some time later, Loy was laying on the ground, in the midst of the crowd, screaming.

Lots of background and video at Mass Resistance

Justice serves and its a defeat for the ACLU.

A jury of three men and three women acquitted Catholic activist Larry Cirignano of the remaining assault and battery charges stemming from a pro-marriage rally last December. The civil rights charges against him had already been dropped by Judge David Despotopulos last week in the face of overwhelming evidence in Larry’s favor.

This represents a huge victory not only for the pro-family movement, but for justice in America. The charges against Larry clearly represented the homosexual movement – and ACLU – attempting to bully and punish an innocent individual who disagreed with them. It was also a shameful and odious action by the City of Worcester and District Attorney Joseph Early, Jr. to placate the powerful lobby that has given much money and help to the Democratic Party.

But when it was finally examined in a courtroom with witnesses, cross-examination, and video, the entire case against Larry Cirignano collapsed.”


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