$3 Billion To Kill Unborn Children

From Dr. Rick Scarborough and Vision America.

“Please read this important announcement regarding Texas–and forward
to anyone you know who shares our values and who can vote in Texas.


I have lived in Texas my whole life, and I was discouraged to learn
that our state leaders are advancing an amendment to the state
constitution that will provide $3 billion for cancer research, with no
prohibitions that would prevent embryonic stem cell research–other
than their verbal assurances that it will not happen. History has
tragically proven, when it comes to evil, verbal assurances are never

We must rally citizens of Texas who honor the sanctity of life to vote
NO on Prop 15 next Tuesday. This means an all out effort as few people
even realize there is a vote being held next week, and I assure you
those who will be receiving the $3,000,000,000.00 will certainly
mobilize their troops to ratify the proposal.

I have many friends who are ardently pro-life in the Texas
legislature. I am surprised they have allowed Prop. 15 to proceed this
far without inserting safeguards to protect innocent life.

I am all for research for cancer cures and in fact would favor Texas
being the first state to assist in researching cures using adult stem
cell lines. But I will never favor the use of embryos for such
research. God values every life regardless of how young. And this
nation was founded upon the conviction, “…that all men are
CREATED…..and endowed by their CREATOR….”

Prop 15 is a bad idea. We must not let it pass. Together, we can send
a strong message to our leaders and our nation that in Texas we
don’t mess with innocent human life!

If you live in Texas, join me in voting AGAINST Proposition 15 on


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