New movie tackles Darwinian theory

From Pete Chagnon and Onew News Now.

Expelled movie poster

“A new documentary questioning evolution will hit theaters early next year.

Coming to a theater near you — the “Intelligent Design vs. Darwin” debate. The new movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, starring Ben Stein, investigates the scientific and educational communities and how they deal with those who suggest that there might be some sort of intelligent design in nature. Through interviews and investigative reports, producers of the documentary expose how those who dare question evolution risk losing their jobs and their reputations.

Producer Mark Mathis says the documentary uncovers a massive effort to silence those who disagree with evolutionary theory.

“The way that the academic elitist and the atheists constantly position this issue is that this is a science versus religion [debate],” he explains. “[They are saying] ‘so you folks who have religious views, you have no place here in the real world of science’ — that’s how they position it; and it’s not true, that’s not true. The folks who are doing research in this area of intelligent design are looking at, exclusively at, the science.”

Still, the documentary’s producer says, many scientists and educators who question evolution have lost their jobs and have been rejected by their peers. Mathis says that while filming Expelled they were actually kicked out of the Smithsonian Institute while investigating a scientist who was fired for questioning evolution.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed opens in theaters nationwide in February 2008.”


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