From the Center for Science & Culture.

The new website, provides people searching for information about intelligent design (ID) online an easy way to access the leading ID websites.


One of the main resources at is a list of ID FAQs maintained by different ID organizations.  Defining what intelligent design theory is all about is an important function of the site, and helps to counter the many misrepresentations of the theory that can be found online.


The site provides links to science, education, and policy articles related to intelligent design issues and authored by a wide array of scientists, scholars and policy experts.  There are links on the science page to a number of key scientific papers explaining the theory, from basic, easily understood non-technical pieces, to deeper, peer-reviewed scientific papers geared to the science community. also includes a resource page with links to pro-ID blogs, scientists’ websites, research organizations, video and multimedia materials, and ID organizations both in the US and around the world.


Visit now.


PBS Encouraging Teachers to Violate the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause

 A “Briefing Packet for Educators” just issued by PBS in conjunction with the NOVA program Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial inserts religion into the classroom and encourages teaching practices that are likely unconstitutional.


“The NOVA/PBS teaching guide encourages the injection of religion into classroom teaching about evolution in a way that likely would violate current Supreme Court precedents about the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause,” says Dr. John West, vice president for public policy and legal affairs with Discovery Institute. “The teaching guide also is riddled with factual errors that misrepresent both the standard definition of intelligent design and the beliefs of those scientists and scholars who support the theory.”


The Institute has sent the PBS teaching guide out to 16 attorneys and legal scholars for review and analysis of its constitutionality and plans to respond next week when PBS air’s it’s one-sided, agenda driven program Judgment Day.


For the The Truth About the Dover Intelligent Design Trial go to


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