Bozell says media ‘in lock-step’ with Clinton campaign

From Jim Brown and One News Now.

“The president of the Media Research Center says most members of the mainstream media — especially female journalists — want Senator Hillary Clinton (D-New York) to win the presidency.

Brent Bozell contends Hillary Clinton told a “bold-faced lie” in her best-selling book by claiming she was “gasping for breath” when she learned the truth about the Monica Lewinsky allegations on August 15, 1998. But the head of the Media Research Center notes Clinton’s claim is simply untrue because all of America learned about Lewinsky’s blue dress on July 29 of that year.

In his new book Whitewash: What the Media Won’t Tell You About Hillary Clinton, but Conservatives Will, he and co-author Tim Graham document instances of how the media has buried stories that would negatively impact Clinton or her husband. Bozell says everything about Hillary Clinton is scripted, including all of her media appearances.

“It is stunning what we found,” Bozell shares. “I mean we thought that we knew everything until we started looking at the research — and it was stunning. Every time she gets into trouble she goes running to her friends in the media who just pitch her softball after softball that she can hit out of the park — instead of confronting her with the scandal,” he points out.

The media monitor says such interviews are “controlled” and that Mrs. Clinton has friends in the press that will help her “whether it’s Katie Couric, or Maria Shriver, or Margaret Carlson in TIME Magazine — she can go to them.” Bozell notes that this week a TIME editor on CNN called Hillary Clinton a “moral conservative.”

In similar fashion, Bozell contends the mainstream media has repeatedly downplayed or ignored fundraising and other political scandals involving the New York senator. He notes that after the Los Angeles Times broke a story regarding a Chinatown fundraiser in which Clinton received campaign donations from illegal immigrants, the story was dropped and nobody covered it. The media analyst says if Rudy Giuliani had accepted illegal campaign money or received hefty contributions from a convicted criminal like Norman Hsu, the story would have received extensive exposure.”

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