New Report Exposes Sham of Academic Freedom at Baylor University

From John West and

“Today’s edition of the student newspaper at Baylor University carries a devastating investigative report exposing new details of the university’s shameful treatment of pro-ID engineering professor Robert Marks. Anyone who thinks Baylor science faculty have academic freedom to research and write about ID should read this article, which provides extensive documentation of the lengths to which some Baylor administrators will go to censor and shut down open discussion and research about intelligent design. From reading the article, it appears that the intolerance of pro-ID faculty comes from the very top of the institution. This account makes a mockery of Baylor’s own Faculty Handbook, which promises faculty that

1. Teachers are entitled to full freedom in research and in the publication of the results …

Given the heavy-handed efforts by Baylor administrators to stamp out any expression of dissent from Darwinian orthodoxy by Prof. Marks, perhaps Baylor’s Faculty Handbook should be rewritten thus:

1. Teachers at Baylor University should expect academic censorship and persecution in research and in the publication of results, especially if their research in any way questions the dogmas of Darwinian evolution. Teachers who persist in wanting academic freedom in their research should consider looking for another job.

Message to Baylor alumni: Does this crusade to suppress Prof. Marks’ research make you proud of your university? If not, what are you doing about it? Every dollar you donate to Baylor helps to enable the continued persecution of Prof. Marks.”


One Response to New Report Exposes Sham of Academic Freedom at Baylor University

  1. Typical Pressures in the Publish or Perish World of Academia – This is very common, and very unfortunate. It is a slap in the face to truth in science and academic research and question. Although, I am not surprised at all and can tell you stories of 20 years ago at UCLA where evolutionary genetics, where taught in a politically correct way as to make one think they were in Kansas – still, it is time for the top universities and colleges to grow up and get a reality check. – Lance

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