The Rouge Baron

From the Family Research Council.

“Recently FRC, working with the Louisiana Family Forum, was involved in successful efforts to defeat a pro-homosexual resolution in my home town of Baton Rouge, called One Baton Rouge. As the measure was going down in defeat the mayor, Kip Holden, lashed out in anger at area pastors who had opposed the measure. According to news reports and council meeting transcripts, Mayor Kip Holden accused Pastor Dennis Eenigenburg of the Chapel on the Campus of “not speaking as Godly person,” saying Pastor Eenigenburg “is someone who has hatred in his heart.” (You can read about the Mayor’s comments at the link below.) Increasingly government officials are trying to intimidate into silence pastors who speak out against the advancement of the homosexual agenda. When we asked folks in Baton Rouge to contact the Mayor and ask him to apologize to the pastors of the city, his office was overwhelmed with calls–and to our surprise, the Mayor is insisting he never said anything about Pastor Eenigenburg. Whenever something like this happens we, as religious people, need to come together as a community. So I ask you to call the Mayor at (225) 389-3100 to let him know he needs to stop trying to dodge the facts and start apologizing. “


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