Prison Ministries Handcuffed by Religious Intolerance

From the Family Research Council.

“Adding some biofuel to the marriage debate, researchers at Michigan State University have given Americans another legitimate reason to save the family environment. Their study found that on top of the emotional and physical toll of divorce, the breakdown of the family is exacting a hefty price on the environment. With every separation, analysts note that water and energy consumption skyrockets–in some instances by 61 percent per person! Had divorced couples stayed together in 2005, the U.S. would have conserved “71 billion of electricity and 627 billion gallons of water.” While global warming has been blamed for everything from maple syrup shortages to collapsing gingerbread houses (see for over 600 examples), the repercussions of divorce have been largely ignored. With lifelong commitment on the endangered list, we can only hope that liberals, who have been unwilling to jump on the marriage protection bandwagon, will be motivated by this study to hop aboard now that the wagon’s eco-friendly.”


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