Gay Mogul Changing U.S. Politics

From Gary Randall and Faith and Freedom Network and Foundation.

“Time Magazine reported earlier this year that Tim Gill, a 53-year-old snowboarder, retired computer programmer and multimillionaire ($425 million), is changing the political landscape of America one state at a time. He has started the Gill Foundation and The Gill Action Fund to advance the gay agenda and gay causes. Time reports that his money has put secularist Democrats in control of the Colorado Legislature for the first time in four decades. Now, he and his millionaire gay allies, have taken the model they used in Colorado and will be using it in other states in the 2008 election. He believes that most all so-called gay rights legislation is primarily state based. I agree. He is now going state-to-state defeating traditional conservative lawmakers and replacing them with pro-gay rights lawmakers. He and his colleagues threw $15 million into a dozen states during the 2006 elections, targeting 70 politicians whom they regarded as “unhelpful” to gay causes: 50 of them went down. His Fund and allies are literally transforming the political landscape of the country. The Atlantic Monthly has written an extensive article about this. So what about Washington State? What about the Judeo Christian culture that has served America so well for so long? Faith and Freedom has no big donors or “fat cats” stepping up to “throw” money at anything, however, we do have a growing number of people who really do care and are stepping up to do what they can to support our efforts. This next election cycle is perhaps the most important in our lifetime. We need many to step up and take a stand for what is right.”


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