Christians Win One in the Culture Wars

From MRC’s Culture and Media Institute.

“MRC’s Culture and Media Institute reports that a heavily hyped movie by an atheist based on a trilogy called His Dark Materials, is proceeding to bomb at the box office following Christian protests and lackluster reviews. MRC’s Kristen Fyfe reported that it cost $180 million  to make and $40 million to advertise, but it’s box-office take in the critical opening period was just $26.1 million. By contrast, the film adaptation of C. S. Lewis The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe grossed $65.5 million. Catholic League President Bill Donohue said, “Our goal was to stop The Golden Compass from meeting box office expectations, and we succeeded.” The film’s producers want to do two sequels. But Fyfe said: “Considering that the trilogy ends with children killing God, that might be a tough one to figure out if they want wider support of Christian filmgoers.”


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