Homosexual Parents Knock Out Nature in Courts

From the Family Research Council.

“It’s not just the definition of marriage that is being attacked by the homosexual movement–it’s also the definition of parenthood and of family itself. This was literally brought home today by an article in the Los Angeles Times regarding two homosexual men who wanted to have a child together. They bought an egg from one woman, rented the womb of another, and mixed their sperm so that they wouldn’t know which of them is the biological father. After “a four-year journey that involved three egg retrievals, 65 eggs, seven fertilization attempts, three surrogates and more than $200,000 in expenses,” documented by the Times in a series last year, a surrogate mother fulfilled her contract nine weeks ago by presenting the two men with a baby boy. She “continues to pump and freeze breast milk” and “ships bottles from Massachusetts to Georgia packed in dry ice.” One of the two men says that other than that, “we’re just going through what all parents go through.” Yet they have gone to such great lengths to ensure that this child will not “go through” the experience that most children enjoy of being raised by both a mother and a father. It is outrageous that courts in some states have become complicit in this denial of biological reality by allowing homosexual couples to have custody of newborns and birth certificates that mislead about the true parentage of the child.”


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