In just a few weeks, Americans will formally begin the process

From Matt Staver and the Liberty Counsel.

“In just a few weeks, Americans will formally begin the process
of selecting our next president. Just about every candidate
has been saying that America is at a crucial crossroads.

I couldn’t agree more. It has become very clear that there
are two diametrically opposed courses laid out for America’s future…

One course elevates personal convenience above the lives of
defenseless unborn children. The other course values the
God-given, inalienable right to life over fleeting pleasures
and quick “fixes.”

One course would confer the status of marriage and normality
to sexually perverted lifestyles. The opposite course
treasures the importance of traditional marriage and affirms
the role of both genders to the well-being of children.

One course seeks to erase our religious heritage. The other
course relies on the Wisdom of the Ages and respects the
values and visions of our Founders.

As America faces these choices, one thing is perfectly clear:
The momentous decisions in 2008 require the strongest possible
defense of our faith, our families, and our freedom.”


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