Life with No Absolutes Becomes Absolutely Ridiculous

From Dr. Jonathan Falwell and the Moral Majority.

“Sometimes you see events unfolding in our nation and you just sit back and wonder how things got so out of control.  

As the father of four children, I am becoming increasingly concerned that America is recklessly rushing from the values that made this nation great and healthy, while also turning away from God’s Word.  Let’s examine just a few of these recent happenings.

Here in Virginia , the College of William and Mary, which infamously removed a historic cross from a chapel last year, has again authorized a controversial sex workers’ “art show” that actually features strippers and things I can’t mention in this column.  The college, founded under biblical guidelines, has certainly disregarded its Christian heritage. 

The Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Thomas More Law Center has asked a Maryland circuit court judge to overturn a county board of education ruling that approves of public schools instructing 8th and 10th graders that homosexuality is natural and innate.  The program also instructs kids on condom usage.  Maybe the school might like to think about teaching the kids how to … oh, I don’t know, read and write.  

The city council in Berkeley , Calif. , has told the U.S. Marines they are not welcomed there because the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy on homosexuality violates the city’s anti-discrimination law.  I imagine the city would quickly change its tune if a disaster occurred there and the Marines were needed. 

In San Diego , the ACLU and Planned Parenthood are compelling a school board to halt its longstanding policies requiring parental notification when pregnant students are contemplating abortion, as well as parental consent before students leave campus, including trips to abortion clinics.  While the ACLU and PP claim that the school board’s policy is “antiquated and dangerous,” Pacific Justice Institute President Brad Dacus says, “Parental responsibility is indispensable to a decent society.” 

Students who initiated a pro-life club at Westmont High School in San Jose , Calif. , had to seek legal help from the Alliance Defense Fund because their school refused to grant the club the same access and privileges as other clubs.  Thankfully, the administration retracted this policy after learning — like many educators have to learn — that they can’t discriminate against pro-life and Christian kids solely because they have faith-based clubs. 

A journalism student at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix received a failing grade because she wrote a profile of actor Kirk Cameron and his faith in Jesus Christ.  The American Center for Law and Justice stepped in and the school reversed the ruling, awarding Sara Sloan her degree.  “This was one of the most egregious violations of a student’s free speech rights we have ever seen — a troubling case about a college that not only failed to respect the viewpoint of one of its students, but penalized that student because of her Christian faith,” said the ACLJ’s Jay Sekulow.  

A gay rights group in England is encouraging schools to halt using words like “mum” and “dad” because they may be offensive to non-traditional families.  The action follows last year’s California bill, signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, which said the terms “mom and dad” and “husband and wife” are discriminatory. 

As you can see from this handful of examples, our nation is increasingly turning its heart away from God.  The ongoing result will be confusion and social mayhem, as our children are taught there are no moral absolutes and that “diversity” shall be their way of life.  In addition, I fear that in the not-too-distant future our nation’s churches will be targeted for teaching biblical concepts that counter the diversity-crazed culture. 

What’s a Christian to do? 

Even though the Gospel is unpopular these days, we must remember that God has empowered us to speak to the culture even when the message is unwelcome: “But ye shall receive power, after that the holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth” (Acts 1:8). 

May we carry this verse in our hearts as we continue to reach out to a lost and dying world.”


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