Radical Islam Called Largest Threat to Global Religious Freedom

July 14, 2007

From Evan Moore and CNS News.

“A conservative watchdog group has issued a report claiming that religious freedom is deteriorating worldwide and that radical Islam is the largest threat to people’s ability to worship according to their beliefs. ”

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‘Christian’ nations more free, report says

July 11, 2007

From Jennifer Thurman and the Baptist Press.

“Countries with Christian roots are the most religiously free domains in the world, according to the Center for Religious Freedom at the Hudson Institute in a forthcoming report.

The report ranked more than 100 countries according to the quality of religious freedom based on the country’s religious background. The only countries to receive an ideal score were the United States and Estonia, both with Protestant backgrounds, and Hungary and Ireland, both with Catholic backgrounds.

The results of the report were announced July 9 in a briefing at the Hudson Institute in Washington. A six-member panel, which included Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, spoke on the importance of securing religious liberty in countries where such freedom is most violated.”

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Religious Rights of Students Affirmed in N.J. and Texas

July 6, 2007

Some good news from Citizen Link.

“A New Jersey school’s decision to allow Christian students to enjoy the same free speech rights as other students could be the beginning of a nationwide trend to protect students’ rights.”

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Islam’s Global War against Christianity

July 6, 2007

From Patrick Poole and American Thinker.

“From Nigeria to Indonesia, Christians are under siege in virtually every single country in the Muslim world, the victims of countless acts of discrimination, depredation, brutality, and murder that are so widespread and systematic that it can rightfully be called the new Holocaust. This time, however, the perpetrators of this Holocaust aren’t wearing swastikas, but kufi skull caps and hijabs.”

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