Hundreds at Prayer Breakfast Determined to Transform Hollywood

November 17, 2007

From Elena Garcia and Christian Post.

“Hundreds hoping to redeem Hollywood asked God to change the hearts of entertainment leaders and celebrities like Britney Spears during a media prayer breakfast Friday morning.

The crowd of 700-1,000 Christians and media professionals convened starting at 8:30 a.m. at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills for the fourth annual National Media Prayer Breakfast. The event was founded Larry Poland, CEO of Mastermedia International, a ministry focused on leaders in the entertainment and media industries.

Participants heard inspirational music and messages by leading performers and prominent guests in the media, and dedicated 40 minutes of the event praying for those who have the power to influence many from the entertainment capitol of the nation. Entertainers such as Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, Eric Close from “Without a Trace,” Pat Boone, and Gavin McCloud have all participated in past events.”

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Movieguide: Hollywood Continues Attacks on Christian Values

November 2, 2007

From Dr. Ted Baehr and Dr. Tom Snyder.

“Ever since the critical and box office success of movies like Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11,” the atheist, left-wing elitists in the mass media have stepped up their attacks on the patriotic, traditional and orthodox values of America and Christianity, say officials of “Movieguide: A Biblical Guide to Movies, Entertainment and Culture for Families.”

Clearly, these people feel threatened by the success of conservative evangelical Christians and other traditionalists in the entertainment industry with such hits like “The Passion of the Christ” and “The Chronicles of Narnia,” not to mention their success in electing George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004, maintains Movieguide.

According to the Biblical Guide, not only has there been an increase in the number of explicitly left-wing, anti-American, anti-Christian documentaries in the last two years (such as “The Road to Guantanamo,” “Jesus Camp,” “Jimmy Carter Man from Plains,” and “For the Bible Tells Me So”), but there has also been an increasing number of anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-American mainstream movies such as “The Da Vinci Code,” “Brokeback Mountain,” and the recent box office bombs “In the Valley of Elah” and “Rendition.”

Two upcoming movies will continue these attacks, Robert Redford’s already outdated propaganda movie against the War in Iraq, “Lions for Lambs,” and a new movie, “The Golden Compass,” based on the first book in secular humanist Philip Pullman’s anti-Christian children’s trilogy, “His Dark Materials.”

Redford’s new movie, which we have seen already, contains a slew of shallow arguments against the Republican Party, the War in Iraq, the Vietnam War, and the United States military, spiced with a vague secular humanist call to political action, presumably against those “evil” conservatives in the Republican Party and their supporters, the so-called religious right.

Pullman’s books not only mock and belittle God, they also attack the Christian Church (labeled “the Church” and “the Magisterium” in the books). In the trilogy, Pullman rejects the orthodox view of God and presents a nebulous, personal and demonic-sounding spirituality with no philosophical roots or ultimate meaning.

Pullman’s world is a sad, animalistic universe. Since this is the only world there is, the trilogy ends in hopelessness. Love is not selfless giving, because that would be useless in a materialistic world. Love instead is the lust of pleasuring each other.

In Pullman’s world, there’s no hope of eternal life where the lame and the blind and the deaf and dumb can walk and see and hear and talk, where the old are made youthful, there’s no heavenly banquet, there’s no loving God, there’s no order, and there’s no peace.

The logical consequences of Pullman’s atheism can be found in the lives of the leading atheists of the 20th Century – Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot – men who killed millions of their own people and had no respect for justice or love. Ultimately, it is a road that only leads to meaninglessness, murder and social chaos.

Reportedly, the new movie based on Pullman’s book has toned down some of Pullman’s virulent attacks on the Christian religion. Whether or not that is true, however, we do urge people of faith and values not to bother to corrupt their children with this odious atheistic worldview.

Of course, there are other attacks to come next year, including another movie based on one of “DaVinci Code” author Dan Brown’s scurrilous attacks against orthodox Christian teachings and the Bible and perhaps a movie about the religious right planned by none other than Michael Moore.

Every year, however, we present an Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry, which looks at the content of the Top 250 Movies at the Box office each year. Year in and year out, our statistics show that movies with very strong anti-biblical, anti-Christian, anti-American values don’t do well at the box office.

For instance, movies with very strong anti-biblical, anti-Christian content only averaged $23, $22.6 and $21.4 million at the box office in 2004, 2005, and 2006, respectively.

Movies with anti-patriotic, anti-American content did even worse on the whole, averaging only $26.8, 10 and 19.6 million, respectively – as much as two to six times worse than movies with very strong biblical, Christian, patriotic, and pro-American content.

Thus, movies in 2007 like “In the Valley of Elah,” “Delta Farce,” “Home of the Brave,” and “Rendition” have made only $6.6 million, $8 million, $40,000, and $7.8 million in North America, but movies like “World Trade Center,” “Spider-Man 3,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “Forrest Gump,” “Top Gun, “Passion of the Christ,” and “Sergeant York” have made $70 million, $336 million, $302 million, $516 million, $315 million, $393 million, and $317 million when adjusted for inflation!!!

Of course, the antidote to all of these attacks on America and Jesus Christ is to teach your neighbors, and your children and grandchildren, to reject the bad and support the good.”

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ENDA the Line for a Non-Sexualized Workplace?

November 1, 2007

From the Family Research Council.

“The House leadership may have painted itself into a rainbow corner on one of the most volatile political issues of the term–the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). After some heated bickering over whether or not to include the transgender community in the bill as a “protected class,” Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) ultimately submitted the current proposal, H.R. 3685, without the cross-dresser provision. His effort to soften the legislation could cost the party crucial votes from liberals who feel the leadership should go “all or nothing” on ENDA. Unsure that she could shore up the necessary support in time, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) succeeded in postponing the vote until this month. Yesterday, FRC learned that ENDA is likely to be brought up next week. Fortunately, the delay has given us an opportunity to educate and mobilize more Americans about ENDA’s real purpose–suppressing religious freedom. For more on that, we encourage you to log on to and order a copy of our latest publication, Homosexuality Is Not a Civil Right, which explains how homosexual activists are camouflaging their demand for special treatment as an appeal for “equal rights.” While you’re waiting for your pamphlets to arrive, pick up the phone and call your House members. Urge them to oppose any bill that forces employers to abandon their personal beliefs and creates special employment protections for people based upon their sexual behavior. “

Bella and the Golden Compass

October 29, 2007

I wanted to make everyone aware of a very special award winning movie that hit local movie theatres this past weekend.  It is called Bella.  The reason this movie is so special is captured in the quote below from a prominent pro-Christian group promoting the movie. 

“Bella” is an amazing film that entertains, inspires and celebrates the dignity of human life. It is a rare gem that defies the norms of Hollywood and profoundly illustrates how true, sacrificial love can change someone’s life forever.  

It is important to support “Bella” in an effort to help send a clear and powerful message to Hollywood that there is a huge audience for positive films that embrace family values.” 

The movie was made by a producer of the Passion of the Christ and has received an Appreciation Award from Focus on the Family for its celebration of faith, family and life. 

Co-writer and co-producer Leo Severino has shared publicly that he’s aware of at least two instances where babies are alive today because of Bella’s message of truth and love. I watched it last night and was deeply moved by it. 

It is very powerful.  I highly recommend it.  

Also, I wanted to make everyone aware of a movie starring Nicole Kidman that is set for release on December 7th. The movie is called the Golden Compass and it is based on a trilogy of children’s books that are extremely anti-Christian and written by an avowed atheist.  Evidently, the movie has had a lot of the anti-Christian elements removed in order to make it more palatable to a US audience but the author’s hope is that children will enjoy the movie so much they purchase his books.   

You can read more about it in the articles at the links below.

Dusk for the Sundance Kid

October 26, 2007

From Bill O’Reilly and

…the tide has turned against these showbiz pinheads, and the failure of movies like “Rendition” prove it.

“The actress Reese Witherspoon can’t be pleased with the performance of her new movie “Rendition.” It is a colossal bomb and will disappear as quickly as one of the movie’s characters, courtesy of the evil CIA, of course.

Once again, Hollywood is on a “let’s make America look bad” binge. This is directly caused by loathing for the Bush administration, which the entertainment left sees as a combination of the Third Reich and Emperor Nero.

Thus, a series of earnest “America is a human-rights violator” films are coming to a theatre near you, and the odds are you will ignore them.


The Sundance Kid, Robert Redford, has directed a movie called “Lions for Lambs,” of which Variety opines, “Back-bendingly liberal but also deeply patriotic.”

Well, that doesn’t sound so bad, but then Redford goes to Rome and says this about the USA: “We have lost lives, we’ve lost sacred freedoms, we’ve lost financial stability.”

Really, Bob? You seem mighty rich to me, and I believe you can make movies that say anything you want them to say. So what’s this loss of “sacred freedoms” deal?

While researching this column, I came across a letter written by Samuel Goldwyn in 1961. Goldwyn was a major movie mogul responsible for hundreds of classic films. In this letter, Goldwyn tells producer Jerry Wald, “Today we are at a very crucial period in history. Even if the cold war never develops into a hot one, our country still has its hands full all over the world. The pictures we send abroad have an effect in every corner of the globe.

“We should never lose sight of the fact that, no matter how entertaining a picture may be or how much money it may make, it can do our country a great deal of harm if it plays into the hands of our enemies … we have a great responsibility in this regard–far greater than almost any other segment of our country–and we must guide ourselves accordingly.”

I believe Samuel Goldwyn, if he were alive today, would be appalled at how radical left the American entertainment industry has become. He would, I suspect, also suggest to Robert Redford that he tone it down.

There is no question that every time a Redford, Sean Penn, or Barbra Streisand bashes the USA to the overseas press, millions of America-haters rub their hands with glee. Prop up Hugo Chavez, sure. Shake hands with the Iranian fascists, certainly.

But the tide has turned against these showbiz pinheads, and the failure of movies like “Rendition” prove it. Dissent is fine. Dishonest propaganda is not.

Robert Redford and his crew might bemoan the loss of “sacred rights,” but I’m with Samuel Goldwyn. These Hollywood big shots have an obligation to a country that has allowed them to become wealthy and speak their collective minds on any subject they choose.

The Sundance Kid has truly been out in the sun way too long. Wise up, Bob.”

Latest Cold Case episode called ‘bigoted’ toward Christians

October 5, 2007

From Allie Martin, Jody Brown and One News Now.

“The Culture and Media Institute says Hollywood is trying to portray Christians who practice abstinence as hypocritical, as Congress debates abstinence education.

In the most recent episode of the CBS crime show Cold Case, supposedly devout Christian teenagers — all member of Hearts Wait, an abstinence club — were portrayed as sexually active. Also, the young people were shown stoning a member of their group who had joined their club shortly before her death. Supposedly the character was attacked so the group’s sins would remain secret.

The Culture and Media Institute (CMI), an arm of the Media Research Center, describes the episode as “a ham-handed attempt to influence this fall’s Congressional debate on abstinence education programs” by depicting abstinence-only education as “useless, if not actively harmful” — and “an exercise in bigoted, Christophobic fantasy.” Kristen Fyfe, a senior writer for CMI, says the program shows Hollywood has an agenda.

“Do I think that the producers deliberately put this story on to coincide with that debate? No. But definitely, part of the liberal agenda, part of Hollywood’s agenda, is all about sexualization of children,” says Fyfe. “And abstinence education, which is another context of this particular story, is not something they are on board with.”

In the opening scene of the episode, a high school “health” teacher is portrayed telling her class that school policy prevents her from telling them about various methods of birth control and how they work. CMI calls it one of several “gratuitous slaps at abstinence-only education,” and notes that Congress is currently debating funding for such programs.

According to Fyfe, the show is part of a larger trend across all forms of media. “Nobody who pays any attention to the media is surprised that Christians … constantly seem to be made the target of terrible story lines like this or attacks just flat-out painting them as bigoted or homophobic …,” she asserts. “Pick any slanderous epithet and it’s usually been lobbed at Christians.”

Fyfe points out that Hollywood would never portray Muslims in a negative light because of the current politically correct atmosphere in society.”

Hollywood — Clean up your act!

September 24, 2007

From Marcia Segelstein and One News Now.

“Movies with no nudity, profanity, and ridicule of religion? Believe it or not, it used to be that way … and it took no government intervention — only public outcry. It can happen again.

Many years ago, my first job out of college was working as a secretary for the Department of Program Practices at CBS. (It was essentially the censorship department, but nobody used that term.) My duties included typing up instructions for the Programming Department regarding what objectionable language had to be cut from various movies that would air on the network. The editors I worked for also had to keep track of instances of smoking, drinking, and if I’m not mistaken, use of phrases like “Oh my God” and other potentially offensive content. In those days, at least, there was concern on the part of the networks — not only CBS — about airing material viewers might find inappropriate.

Since it was long before cable, and the networks had licenses that had to be renewed, TV was pretty innocent. Early evenings were considered family viewing time, and the programs reflected that. The fact that children might be watching was taken into account. Guidelines for standards and practices existed and were enforced.

And believe it or not, there was a time when moviemakers also followed a code of content. Starting in the 1930’s, the Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors Association (which later became the Motion Picture Association of America) adopted the Hays Code. Some of its general principles read as follows: “No picture shall be produced that will lower the moral standards of those who see it …. Correct standards of life, subject only to the requirements of drama and entertainment, shall be presented.”

The Hays Code also included some specific restrictions: nudity was prohibited; the ridicule of religion was forbidden; specific language was banned; the sanctity of marriage and the home had to be upheld; and “excessive and lustful kissing” was to be avoided.

Sounds positively idyllic, doesn’t it … and like an impossible dream now.

And guess what prompted it all? Public outcry. Public outcry over perceived immorality in the movies and in the lives of Hollywood stars. In a nutshell, the public wanted Hollywood to clean up its act. Will H. Hays, who headed up the Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors Association, set out to project a positive image of the movie industry. The Production Code (which became known as the Hays Code) was written, and for eight years Hays tried to enforce it, with little effect. But public pressure continued from organizations such as The Catholic Legion of Decency which declared certain films “indecent” and encouraged boycotts. Finally an amendment to the code required all films to obtain a certificate of approval prior to release. So for the next 30 years, up until the 1960s, virtually all movies made in the U.S. adhered to the Hays Code.”

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Academy Award winning actress Ellen Burstyn Says Abortion was the Worst Thing in Her Life

September 21, 2007

From John-Henry Westen and

Academy Award winning actress Ellen Burstyn known for her roles in  ‘Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’ and ‘The Exorcist’ was interviewed by CFRB radio in Toronto while she was in town promoting her new book – Lessons in Becoming Myself. 

CFRB spoke at length about the long and eventful career of the highly acclaimed 74-year-old actress after which the interviewer asked Burstyn “what was the lowest moment” of her life.

After a pause during which the interviewer prompted with her single motherhood, struggles with her son and more, Burstyn said, “You know, I guess, I hate to talk about this on the air, but having an abortion.”

Burstyn continued, “You know that was really an extremely painful experience.”

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Can Movies Kill?

September 13, 2007

An excellent article from Bill O’Reilly and

“Coming to a theatre near you this autumn—a slew of films critical of America. That’s just great, isn’t it? We have about 200,000 men and women presently in combat zones, and a bunch of far-left Hollywood loons want to denigrate the country.

Loon number one is Brian de Palma, who has directed films such as “The Untouchables” and “Scarface.” His new movie, “Redacted,” focuses on U.S. soldiers who rape an Iraqi woman and murder her family.

The film is based on a real-life event that has resulted in three soldiers being tried, convicted, and sent to prison for life.

Yet DePalma wants the world to see this horror in living color. He wants this for political reasons, as he freely admits. Speaking before journalists in Italy, DePalma said: “The movie is an attempt to bring to reality what’s happening in Iraq to the American people … the pictures are what will stop the war.”

Here’s how stupid that statement is: Overwhelmingly, American forces in Iraq have behaved with restraint and are trying to protect Iraqi civilians from terrorists who blow up women and children. That is the reality, pal. Your movie takes the exception and attempts to make it the rule.”

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Owen Wilson’s Meltdown

September 9, 2007

An insightful analysis of the recent suicide attempt by actor Owen Wilson.

From Lane Palmer and Christian Post.

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like Owen Wilson. His quirky smile and off-beat comedic approach has charmed millions, and I’m pretty sure he’s the reason his brother Luke has a career. Guys like Owen bring a lighter and classier side to a Hollywood that is generally characterized by a “whose mug shot are we going to see this week?” sort of feel. In an industry knee deep in Lindsay-coke-Paris-jumpsuit-Gibson–rampage stories that churn out with the frequency of summer sequels, Owen seemed the least likely to crash and burn under the stress of stardom and the pressure of tinsel town.

But evidently he did, and his suicide attempt brings shock and confusion to fans all over the world. I heard one reporter from Hollywood put it this way:

“I just can’t get my mind around how someone so successful and seemingly happy would do such a thing!”

Did you catch the message behind that statement? In so many words, she is repeating and age old formula that goes like this:

rich and famous = purpose and meaning”

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