Clinton vs. Obama: A New Twist In The Fight For Life And Power

January 30, 2008

From Gary Randall and the Faith and Freedom Network and Foundation.

“It may be worse than you think. We have known for a long time that many liberal, secularists will do just about anything to get elected. Including running and hiding from their voting records. However, as voters have become more sophisticated and started actually looking at voting records, some lawmakers have taken creativity to a new level.

A few weeks ago Hillary accused Obama of not being as “pro-abortion” as she is. To prove it, she pointed to his voting record on the subject while he served in the Illinois State Legislature. She said he voted “present” instead of voting “no” on anti-abortion issues.

As his defense surfaced, you won’t believe who was orchestrating and planning his vote.

That’s right. Planned Parenthood.

In defending his pro-abortion position, the Obama people said, “Oh, no. He is actually more pro-abortion than Hillary, because he was voting “present” on those bills to further the cause.” Planned parenthood confirmed that they had actually devised the plan to have him and other Democrats vote “present” because there was a threat to some of their offices.

The threat?

Well, Pam Sutherland, CEO of Illinois Planned Parenthood, explained it to the press. She said, “We had a very astute and devious Republican leader that we knew was using abortion votes as wedge issues, putting those votes into mailers to help defeat pro-choice Democrats. It was our strategy, Planned Parenthood, to decide that a ‘present’ vote was the same as a ‘no’ vote.”

Astute? Probably. Devious? Who is devious? The astute republican leader who publicizes a lawmaker’s voting record or the lawmaker who decides that “present” means “no”?

This is another case of lawmakers getting elected by saying one thing during elections, then doing something very different once in office. Voter beware.

So, who is more pro-abortion, Obama or Clinton? We’ll let the abortion people fight that out.

This does cause one to wonder if either of these folks actually got to the White House, what kind of “code” voting Planned Parenthood would devise for them.

Keep in mind that Planned Parenthood just announced a campaign to raise $10 million to defeat pro-life candidates at the state level.

We need real change.”

FRC’s Pat Fagan Delivers on Teen Birth Analysis

December 21, 2007

From the Family Research Council.

“Two weeks ago I wrote about a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on preliminary birth rate data for 2006. The CDC‘s press release was headlined, “Teen Birth Rate Rises for First Time in 14 Years.” Liberal groups responded by bashing abstinence education as a failure (when it is actually a success in need of wider implementation). But the media missed the biggest and worst news in the report, which was not the tiny uptick in “teen births” (by 3%), but the explosive growth in total out-of-wedlock births (by 8%) to a new record high. It is foolish to think that a birth to an unmarried 20-year-old mother is somehow of less concern to society than one to a married 19-year-old. In fact, the percentage of all out-of-wedlock births which are to adolescents (17 or under) has continued a steady decline, while the percentage to adults (18 and over) continues to rise. This suggests that the age group actually getting abstinence education (middle school and high school students) is doing better than their elders, despite our sex-saturated culture and Planned Parenthood-style, “if it feels good, do it with a condom” sex education. Encouraging “abstinence until college” rather than “abstinence until marriage” will not help the millions of children being born to and raised by single mothers–who are nearly five times as likely to live in poverty as those raised by their married mother and father.”

Heisman Winner Makes Forward Progress on Life

December 13, 2007

From the Family Research Council.

“According to his mom, football sensation Tim Tebow came very close to missing his run at the Heisman Trophy. Pam Tebow says it wasn’t because of his performance, but because her doctors had advised the couple to abort him. Back in the ’80s, when she and her husband Bob were in the mission field, Pam was diagnosed with a medical condition that could only be treated with drugs that risked harming her unborn child. To avoid “irreparable damage” to her baby, doctors suggested that she abort the future Heisman winner. She refused. Today, Pam, Bob, and the entire University of Florida football team are glad she didn’t. Despite the doctor’s prediction, Tim was born completely healthy–and remains so. In his acceptance speech for the Heisman, Tim said, “I just (want) to first start off by thanking my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave me the ability to play football, gave me a great family and support group…” Sadly, not every unborn child is as fortunate as Tim. For every baby like him, whose parents embrace the gift of life, there are countless others whose lives are ended before they begin, all in the name of “choice.” Of the 49 million who never lived to realize their potential, imagine the number of future leaders, inventors, doctors–and, yes, even Heisman trophy winners–among them. We are grateful to the Tebow family for sharing their testimony and pray that it helps persuade other women of the inherent value of their unborn children and the great promise that lies within.”

Children: Some Killed, Others Wounded

December 5, 2007

From the Family Research Council.

“In Oregon, a former Planned Parenthood abortionist has pled guilty to charges that he advertised and engaged in child pornography. Abortionist George Kabacy, who for the last several years has resided in Washington state, faces anywhere from five to 10 years in prison for possessing over 8,000 sexual images of children on his home computer. Kabacy’s trial is one of many ongoing investigations with ties to Planned Parenthood, including high-profile probes in Kansas, Connecticut, Ohio, and California. Many involve a string of alleged sexual abuse and statutory rape cover-ups by Planned Parenthood clinic workers. In Kansas, former attorney general Phill Kline has filed over 100 criminal charges against one abortion center in the month of November alone, many of them involving performance of illegal abortions and falsification of reports. For too long, our nation has allowed Planned Parenthood to be a silent partner in the abuse of children. Attorneys general and district attorneys should move quickly to launch their own inquiries into local Planned Parenthood branches and put violators out of business once and for all.”

Planned Parenthood Botches Another Abortion

September 10, 2007

From Gary Randall and Faith and Freedom Network and Foundation.

“With seemingly increased regularity, Planned Parenthood continues to make the news. We see more instances of questionable activities being reported than we care to mention, however this one points out what has become a fairly consistent component in media reporting of P.P.’s activities. The press seems to predictably look for ways to take the edge off some of their problems.

This particular suit was filed a week or so ago by a 40-year-old who had a life-threatening experience in their abortion clinic.

According to the suit documents, after the woman had received an injection into her cervix and the suction process had begun, she began to experience excruciating pain. When she ask the doctor to stop, he said, ” We can’t stop now” and ordered three employees to hold the woman down during the procedure. After the woman had passed out and lost up to 80% of her blood, she was taken by fire and rescue to the hospital where a life-saving surgery was performed. A doctor at the hospital said in a sworn statement that in his opinion, she would have died had she not been rushed to the hospital.”

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September 3, 2007

During its 2005-2006 fiscal year, the non-profit Planned Parenthood Federation of America performed a record 264,943 abortions, attained a huge profit of $55.8 million and received record taxpayer funding of $305.3 million. (, 6/15/07)  For the year July 1, 2005, through June 30, 2006, Planned Parenthood received $345.1 million in clinic income, $305 million in taxpayer funding and $212.2 million in donations.  Total income reached $902.8 million while total expenses came to $847.0 million, leaving a profit of $55.8 million.  Why are we allowing Congress to take our tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood? Please contact your representatives in Congress to demand that they de-fund Planned Parenthood!


September 2, 2007

By Dr. Bernard Nathanson and 

“I am personally responsible for 75,000 abortions.  This legitimizes my credentials to speak  to you  with some authority  on the issue.  I was one of the founders of the National Association for the Repeal of the Abortion Laws (NARAL) in the U.S. in 1968. A truthful poll of opinion then would have found that most Americans were against permissive abortion.  Yet within five years we had convinced the U.S. Supreme Court to issue the decision which legalized abortion throughout America in 1973 and produced virtual abortion on demand up to birth. How did we do this? It is important to understand the tactics involved because these tactics have been used throughout the western world with one permutation or another, in order to change abortion law.                         


We persuaded the media that the cause of permissive abortion was a liberal enlightened, sophisticated one.  Knowing that if a true poll were taken, we would be soundly defeated, we simply fabricated the results of fictional polls.  We announced to the media that we had taken polls and that 60% of Americans were in favor of permissive abortion.  This is the tactic of the self-fulfilling lie.  Few people care to be in the minority. We aroused enough sympathy to sell our program of permissive abortion by fabricating the number of illegal abortions done annually in the U.S. The actual figure was approaching 100,000 but the figure we gave to the media repeatedly was 1,000,000.  Repeating the big lie often enough convinces the public.  The number of women dying from illegal abortions was around 200-250 annually.  The figure we constantly fed to the media was 10,000.  These false figures took root in the consciousness of Americans convincing many that we needed to crack the abortion law.  Another myth we fed to the public through the media was that legalizing abortion would only mean that the abortions taking place illegally would then be done legally.  In fact, of course, abortion is now being used as a primary method of birth control in the U.S. and the annual number of abortions has increased by 1500% since legalization.                                                                             


We systematically vilified the Catholic Church and its  “socially backward ideas” and picked on the Catholic hierarchy  as the villain  in opposing abortion.  This theme wasplayed endlessly.  We fed the media such lies as “we all know that opposition to abortion comes from the hierarchy  and not  from  most Catholics” and “Polls prove time and again that most Catholics want abortion law reform”. And the media drum-fired all this into the American people, persuading them that anyone opposing permissive abortion must be under the influence of the Catholic hierarchy and that Catholics in favor of abortion are enlightened and forward-looking.  An inference of this tactic was that there were no non- Catholic groups opposing abortion. The fact that other Christian as well as non-Christian religions were {and still are) monolithically opposed to abortion was  constantly suppressed, along with pro-life atheists’ opinions.                                       


I am often asked what made me change my mind. How did I change from prominent abortionist to pro-life advocate? In 1973, I became director of obstetrics of a large hospital in New York City and had to set up a prenatal research unit, just at the start of a great new technology which we now use every day to study the fetus in the womb. A favorite pro- abortion tactic is to insist that the definition of when life begins is impossible; that the question is a theological or moral or philosophical one, anything but a scientific one.  Foetology makes it undeniably evident that life begins at conception and requires all the protection and safeguards that any of us enjoy.  Why, you may well ask, do some American doctors who are privy to the findings of foetology, discredit themselves by carrying out abortions? Simple arithmetic at $300 a time, 1.55 million abortions means an industry generating $500,000,000 annually, of which most goes into the pocket of the physician doing  the  abortion.  It is clear  that  permissive  abortion  is  purposeful destruction  of  what  is  undeniably  human life.  It is an impermissible act of deadly violence.  One  must concede that unplanned pregnancy is a wrenchingly difficult dilemma, but  to look  for its solution  in a deliberate act  of destruction  is to trash the vast resourcefulness  of human  ingenuity,  and to  surrender  the public weal  to the classic utilitarian answer to social problems.    


Although I am not a formal religionist,  I believe with all my heart  that there is a divinity of existence which commands us to declare a final and irreversible halt to this infinitely sad and shameful crime against humanity.”                                     

[Dr. Nathanson has since converted to Catholicism, being baptized in 1996.]

Women Disagree With Hillary On Abortion

August 31, 2007

From Gary Randall and Faith and Freedom Network and Foundation.

“A recent poll shows that most women are at odds with Hillary Clinton’s positions on abortion.

Marjorie Dannerfelsen, President of the Susan B. Anthony List said, as a result of the poll by the by The Polling Company, “Women may be ready to vote for a female president, but Hillary Clinton does not fit the bill.”

The results of the poll are very revealing. Clinton is clearly out of step and here’s why.

73% of women said they would be less likely to vote for a presidential candidate
if they voted against a law that would have made it a criminal act for an adult
to take a girl younger than 18 years of age across state lines for the
purpose of getting an abortion without her parents knowledge.

Hillary voted against this law twice in 2006.

64% of women voters would be less likely to vote for a president who voted
against partial birth abortion.

Hillary voted against it four times.

68% of women are less likely to vote for a presidential candidate if they
support taxpayer funded abortion.

Hillary has pledged to provide taxpayer funding to America’s largest abortion company–Planned Parenthood.”

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How Now Shall We Live? By Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey

August 28, 2007

This is a MUST read for all Christians.  It is an incredibly powerful book that I highly recommend.  There is also a study guide for this book that I recommend as well.  This book examines the great spiritual battle today that is a cosmic struggle between competing worldviews.  The authors utilize true stories and compelling teaching to demonstrate the following:

– Expose false views and values of modern culture

– Live a more fulfilling life the way God created us to live

– Contend for the faith by understanding how nonbelievers think

– Build a society that reflects biblical principles

I ran across a review on that I thought really did a great job of capturing the core of the book.  It is below.   

5 out of 5 Stars – The Way We See The World Can Change The World, June 21, 2006

“Centuries ago, when the Jews were in exile and despair, they cried out to God, “How should we then live?” The same question rings down through the ages. How shall we live today? Pearcey and Colson’s primary observation is that “the way we see the world can change the world.” (pg. 13) This is because our choices are shaped by what we believe is real and true, right and wrong, or good and beautiful. In short, our choices are shaped by what Pearcey and Colson call our “worldview.”Every worldview attempts to answer three basic questions: (1) Where did we come from and who are we? (2) What has gone wrong with the world? And (3) What can we do to fix it? According to Colson and Pearcey, the culture wars are not about extraneous issues like abortion or public education. Fundamentally, they are about worldviews–between competing secular and spiritual answers to those three basic questions.

The demise of objective truth, profoundly expressed in the halls of academia, also extends into the popular press and culture. The result has been a postmodern worldview which embraces relativism and reduces all ideas to social constructions shaped by class, gender, and ethnicity. Under this view, the world is just a power struggle for meaningless prizes. Their one absolute is that morality is not absolute. Other existing worldviews include “traditionalism,” found in many small towns filled with churches; and modernism, found among pragmatic social and business leaders interested in personal material gain, but less interested in philosophical questions and social issues. Against this backdrop, Christians are challenged to provide answers to those three basic questions in a compelling manner.

C. S. Lewis observed, “The Christian and the materialist hold different beliefs about the universe. They both can’t be right. The one who is wrong will act in a way which simply doesn’t fit the real universe.” Thus Colson and Pearcy observe that choices are not without consequences. The Christian worldview says we were created by God. Compelling evidence that life does not have a random origin can be found in the current arguments for intelligent design. Christianity claims that God created the universe with a material order and a moral order. If we live contrary to that order, we sin against God. Thus, what has gone wrong with the universe is human sin.

The way to redeem our culture is to help people realize which universe they’re living in. If it’s a materialist’s universe, then the answers don’t revolve around taking moral principles seriously. But if the real universe was made with a moral law (as Colson and Pearcey argue), then it stands to reason that the solutions to our problems begin with recognizing that fact, and taking steps to educate people in ways that will help them live lives that are not inimical to the way we were designed to live. This, Colson and Pearcey argue, is how we should live.”

For more information on Charles Colson visit his website at and for more information on Nancy Pearcey visit her website at

Planned Parenthood Decides To “Be Forth Right”

August 22, 2007

From Gary Randall and the Faith and Freedom Network and Foundation.

“That’s right. Planned Parenthood has, according to the newspaper, “decided the best way to handle that was to be forth right about it’s plans.”

The interesting part is what “that” was.

“That” was their intention to complete a new $4.2 million headquarters and clinic in Denver. In secrecy. At least that’s what they told the Denver Post. (Read story).

Leslie Durgin, a Planned Parenthood senior vice president said, “We changed that several months ago. We decided that wasn’t right for us.”

The reason Planned Parenthood changed their mind had more to do with being exposed than with a desire to be “forth right.” At least, in my opinion.

Pro-life people in the Denver area became aware of their plans and called them on it, thus leading to their decision to come clean.

I guess it’s understandable that Planned Parenthood can believe they can cover up some of their illegal activities regarding abortions to minors without proper consent and the like. Although, they have been caught in several such situations recently, only they would know how much they have actually gotten away with.”

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