Mrs. Fields bans Christmas from their products

October 13, 2007

From the American Family Association.

Mrs. Fields has become the first company to ban Christmas from their products and promotion for this year.

When Diane H. of Michigan called Mrs. Fields and asked to speak with a supervisor in customer service about why they banned Christmas, the supervisor told Diane that they do not offer anything with Merry Christmas because they don’t want to offend anyone.

Take a look at Mrs. Fields Holiday Gift Preview by clicking here. In the “search” bar, type in the word “Christmas.” But don’t expect to find any reference to Christmas. (If you do, it has been added since this letter was written.)

Mrs. Fields wants the business of Christians who celebrate Christmas, but they don’t mind if they offend Christians.

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Take Action

  • Click here to send an email to Mrs. Fields. Tell the company that since they don’t mind offending Christians, you will not be purchasing their products this Christmas. Ask them to please use Christmas in their promotion next year.

  • Please forward this to your friends and family and urge them not to buy Mrs. Fields cookies this Christmas.

  • Participate in our The Plan They Can’t Ban Christmas project. Click here for details.