Special Alert: Darwinists Attempting to Require Teaching Evolution-As-Fact in Texas Schools

From AFA.net

Texas public school science standards are under attack from those who deny there are any weaknesses in Darwin’s theory of evolution. This effort is spear-headed by one of the most liberal lobbying groups in Texas, who routinely promotes values antagonistic to yours in nearly every way you can imagine.

Texas’ current science standards specify teaching both “strengths and weaknesses” of science theories and hypotheses, including evolution. It is part of the way scientists operate to critically examine issues in seeking truth. A small but vocal minority of committed Darwinists have removed this “strengths and weaknesses” language from the proposed revision to those time tested standards.

Well-known scientific weaknesses of evolution include the following:

  • Origin of useful complex information contained in the DNA “double helix”,
  • Origin of life itself from dead chemicals,
  • The “Cambrian Explosion” of life,
  • Massive, persistent and systematic gaps in the fossil record that are nearly devoid of transitional fossils, and
  • The irreducibly complex nature of cells and other biologic systems, to list a few.
  • Take Action!
    Send your e-mail to Texas officials. It is now up to the elected Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) to vote on the issue. Please send a polite message letting them know how you feel on this proposal to change the Texas standards.

    To send a written letter, the address is:
    Texas State Board of Education
    c/o Texas Education Agency
    1701 N. Congress Avenue
    Austin, Texas 78701

    Main Phone: 512-463-9007 or -9734.
    To send a fax: 512-936-4319

    A generalized feedback form for the TEA is also located here.

    Public Testimony information can be found here.

    To register for the Jan 21 testimony, you must register IN ADVANCE on Friday, Jan 16, beginning at 8:00 a.m.

    You may register at: 512-463-9007 voice, 512-935-4319 fax, or in person at the William B. Travis Office Building, 1701 N. Congress, Austin, Texas 78701.

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