Redefining Islam

From Paul R. Hollrah and Family Security Matters.

In an August 2006 column I wrote about current efforts by the Vatican to obtain reciprocity in Islamic states for religious practice by Christians and Jews. 

Unfortunately, the Islamic approach to religious tolerance is totally incompatible with Western traditions, and always will be.  Hence, there is nothing the Vatican can do through a more confrontational approach that will in any way slow the Islamic invasion of Christendom or convince Muslims that they must allow Christians and Jews the freedom to practice openly their religious beliefs in Islamic states. 

That battle was lost before it began, although a few liberal daydreamers and left wing nutcases cling to the fantasy that moderate and liberal Muslims will one day rise up and confront radical Islam.  For those who are betting their lives (and mine) on that forlorn hope, I would remind them of seven simple words: “Those who cure you will kill you.” 

That cryptic warning was related to an Anglican priest, Andrew White, during an inter-faith conference in Jordan a short time before an eight-member Islamic terror cell, which included seven medical doctors, staged an attack on public facilities in London and Glasgow… an attack that was intended to murder and maim large numbers of innocent men, women, and children. 

So, what are the chances that Muslims can, or ever will, assimilate into Western society?  Is it possible that we ever can live in peace and harmony with people who are taught that it is their duty to kill Christians and Jews and to kill any and all who criticize their religion?  If the Vatican expects to find “reciprocity” with such people they are engaging in some very foolish wishful thinking.           

There are those who insist that radical Islam represents only a small minority of Muslims… perhaps only one in ten… but ten percent of 1.5 billion amounts to 150 million people, about half of the entire population of the United States. 

In all of America’s previous wars, from the Revolutionary War to Vietnam and Desert Storm, we have not faced even 20 million enemy combatants.  Now we face nearly eight times that number.  Yet, they are not separated from us by battle lines or national frontiers.  Many of them are here, living and traveling freely among us.  And, unlike previous enemies, they do not fear death, they wear no uniforms, they recognize no rules of war, and they willingly slaughter women and children. 

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